Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Exam Week Tips

Another semester, another round of finals. 
As you're reading this I'm going to be finishing up my first final! AHHH! Can you tell I'm stressed, haha. Who isn't though?! My final counts for 20% of my grade so me, and the rest of my school, always dread when this time of year comes around. 
Anyways, I actually haven't seen anybody posting their exam week tips so I thought "why not post mine now!" There'll probably be a ton of people posting theirs when I finally post this (I'm writing this on Sunday, trying to avoid studying!) so I'm sorry if anything is super repetitive. These are all the things that have seemed to really help me these past couple of years I have taken finals. If you have anymore tips I'd love to know them so I, and others, can test them out next semester!

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