Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Favorite Yoga Sequence

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For this Holiday and next year one of my biggest goals is to get back into doing yoga. I did it for a couple of weeks over the summer and had a blast. Because of the business of the school year I have fallen out of my normal routine of getting up and doing yoga. Looking back over the summer my stress level and anxiety had decreased drastically and not only that, but I felt a lot healthier and confident. Even though the sequence is only 20 minuets I was starting to see and feel results. I was way more flexible and I did feel stronger. Not only that, I got to cross something off my list everyday and I felt 10 times more accomplished.
Over the summer I found the yoga sequence below and wanted to share! It's quick and fun. It's great for beginners or anyone of any level who wants to decrease stress and get a little more toned for bikini season! Just grab a matte, put on some cute workout clothes, and have fun!

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