Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Things to Do This New Year

It's soon going to be 2016 which means a New Year is officially coming. I normally try not to make the New Year something too "big". I really think it's a little over-hyped and all it really is is another day. Granted, there are still some new things I want to try and I made a list of some that you might want to try too.

Cook something new.
I love trying and finding new recipes. The beginning of a new year always sounds like a good time to try a lot of new ones.

Try a new hair color or style.
If I was brave enough I'd go blonde and chop my hair to my collar bones, but can you honestly see me doing that? Nope? I agree. It is something really fun to do, but for me it's too permanent. If you are daring though and want to change something up with your hair then why not do it now?!

Try a new makeup look.
I love playing around with my makeup. I change up my foundations, try new eyeshadow looks, change my mascaras, and switch up my blushes pretty continuously. It's fun to try new looks and if you've been wearing the same thing over and over again, why not change it up a little?

Pick up a new hobby.
Something like blogging, art, crafting, baking, whatever! You might find something you never knew you really liked.

Find a new workout routine.
I can bet you right now that a lot of peoples New Years lists say to workout. I'm one to talk though, because mine says that too. When I do feel motivated though (it lasts maybe for a week or two) I like to change up my routine about every couple of days. If you do workout constantly though maybe switch up the type of workout you do. Maybe you always do Pilates, so maybe try yoga (my favorite yoga sequence here).

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