Monday, December 7, 2015

Shoes Every Girl Needs

I have slowly come to really love shoes. I'm normally the type of person who wears one pair of shoes until they are completely destroyed (hence the look of my riding boots and Sperry's). Getting expensive shoes aren't always necessary though. A lot of these shoes I have great dupes of (I might be doing a post on those shoes!), but I also don't mind spending a little "dough" (haha, basic white girl trying to be "gangsta") on good quality shoes that will last forever. I will admit I don't have Tory Burch flats, my moccasins are from Target, I found an amazing dupe for Jack Rogers, and I have yet to find rain boots (but my Bean Boots double as rain boots). I do know though that every single one of these shoes are 100% worth the money, if you're willing to spend it. These shoes are either my favorite, my friends favorite, or other bloggers favorite shoes.
white sneakers | flats | tennis shoes | durable boots | riding boots(I'm thinking about getting these!) | Sperry's  | rain boots | classy sandals | moccasins

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