Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weekly Update | #24 2015 | {12/19-12/25}

Does anyone remember these? Well considering it's been since May that I've posted one of these I bet y'all don't remember! I love reading them and posting them, but my life is never interesting enough to make one. 
These past few days have been very chaotic and I wanted to share!
The Friday before last, I had to finish finals. I'm very pleased with my grades and how I did overall with my first semester of the year, but it's even more nice to be off for break!
On Saturday me, my mom, and my Grandma went to Panara for lunch and then went to a town near us to go coat shopping. My mom really needed a new coat that was on a bit more of the fashionable side. We luckily were able to find the perfect one and we got it on such an amazing deal!
I always get the chicken caesar salad and broccoli cheddar soup. Ugh, it's so good!

 On Sunday I tried to get rid of a lot of the things in my room. I just feel like I have a lot of stuff that I just don't need anymore and one of those things were my books. I was a major book reader in middle school, but nowadays I hardly read (unless you count twitter and other blogs...). I'm going to go to a local bookstore sometime over the break to sell them to the store.
That day my mom and I did our Christmas baking! Everything was so good to eat and we still have a ton of left overs!
  My mom and I tried to make peppermint bark, and well ours is the bottom picture.
Yeah it turned out horrible. There were two different kinds of melted white chocolate, and we let it freeze on an angles so it rocked back and forth. It was also so thick that my dad couldn't even break it, haha!

My dad and brother were both at work on Christmas Eve so my mom, Grandma, and I decided to go to a local restaurant and have brunch. The food was amazing! I'd never been there before, but oh my gosh it was so good! It's definitely a new tradition!

And can we talk about how cute this presentation is?!

When I got home I wrapped my parents presents and my room was an absolute mess. It took me three hours (wrapping presents isn't a good idea for perfectionists). It instantly put me into the Christmas spirit though and I was more excited for them to open their presents than I was to open  mine!

While I was wrapping I went downstairs and my parents had bought oranges so I decided to eat some. I love it when oranges come into season because they have to be my favorite fruit! The background is actually a redo of my DIY Lap Desk.
The finished product was very successful!

Here are all of our presents under the tree, and there was even more to come! 
As of Christmas, my family and I woke up late and slowly unwrapped presents throughout the morning (my Christmas Haul here.) My Grandparents also came over to exchange gifts and have some delicious breakfast food made by my mother.
My mom and I fixed Christmas dinner and my dad put on Sleepless in Seattle (my mom and I's favorite movie!) My Grandparents came back over to eat dinner and then my Aunt and Uncle and cousin came over for dessert. We also decided to watch another movie with them!

How was y'alls week and Christmas?

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