Friday, January 1, 2016

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

Happy New Year everyone! 
Yup, you're reading that right! The After Party Sale is coming to us on Monday January 4th! Set your alarms and be ready! It's online and in corporate locations (stores open at 10 AM). I'm so excited! I plan on getting only a couple of things (who am I kidding I want the whole store, haha!) 
If you've attended in August you know about the virtual line, they're doing the same virtual line this year. Lilly's Instagram gave pro tips on the virtual line:
1.) You will be placed in a virtual line when you arrive on the site.
2.) Item ARE NOT RESERVED once put them into your cart. They are only yours when you complete check-out.
3.) Once you check-out you will be placed at the back of the virtual line.

If you don't want to read that whole post on my my tips, here is a quick rundown:
1.) Create an account and be signed in! Make sure you're signed in before the sale starts
2.) Know your sizes!
3.) You don't have to be there right when the sale opens.
4.) Don't over do it.
5.) Limit your options down to your size, the items you want, and your price range. It saves you from scrolling through useless things.

Like I said in my last announcement post, this sale is super popular so don't be too frustrated when it crashes or you have to wait to get in. Lilly tries to make this enjoyable for everyone. So just take a breath and calm down because I imagine the couple of things you want will still be there!

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