Friday, January 29, 2016

My Winter "Uniform"

I could wear the same outfit weekly and to be 100% honest I have absolutely no shame about it (well, sometimes). It's just, if you've found an outfit that you love and feel confident and comfortable in, why can't you keep wearing it? Last week I wore my "uniform" and said to my best friend "If you've noticed I wear the same things weekly," and she said, "Yeah, I noticed you wore that last week." And it kind of cracked me up. Thinking back to all the weeks that I wear things I do always wear the same things over and over again. Whether it's a little more of a casual day with a pullover, a dressier day like the outfit below, or a day where I have completely given up and just wear a sweatshirt. 
My key every week is to be comfortable. I hate sitting in school for almost seven hours uncomfortable. I just don't understand why people come to school that way. The outfit below is really, really comfortable. I feel like I'm wearing a blanket around my neck 99% of the time because it's so big and warm. 

Scarf | Top | Jean | Socks | Boots (and can we just talk about the hot pink pair?!) | Earrings
By the way, some of these things (the top, jeans, and earrings) are things I found through Polyvore that are similar to the items I wear! I don't buy $300 pair jeans, at most, mine are $30 from Kohls, haha. And I got my blanket scarf from Country Club Prep, but couldn't find it on their site. My mom said she got it from a sale bin in the store before Christmas. You'll probably be able to find a very, very similar scarf other places like Target or Marley Lilly.

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