Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year, New Organization Items

I'm prone to being, um, overly organized (and I write this in my bed while my room is literally trashed. How ironic...). Joking aside though, I organize and clean things all the time, and because of that I have found many things to help me stay organized. Whether it's desk organization, closet organization, or things to schedule my day to day life, I have things organized as much as I can (I've already planned what I'm getting my best friends for their birthday, which is in February...). 
A lot of peoples excuses for  not organizing is that "it's not in their nature." Well, it hasn't always been in my nature to keep things clean. I absolutely trashed my room when I was younger- I was proud to be called Hurricane Alyson- but simple habits I've taken in the past couple of years has helped me to get into the habit of keeping things tidy. It's 50% lifestyle, 50% items you have to organize with and I wanted to share some of my favorite organizational items.

I've said it before and I'm going to say it again. My planner is my absolute best friend. It saves me from so much stress because I have a place to write everything down. I know I promote the Lilly Pulitzer planner a lot, but it's the one I've been using for quite some time and I love all of its features. That doesn't mean a $6 planner from Walmart or Target isn't good though. There are plenty of agendas out there, and one of my favorites that I've seen are the ones from Sugar Paper L.A. and Target collaboration. 

Another thing I always promote doing. I have to do lists everywhere. In my planner, on my phone, sticky notes taped to my wall, etc. This adorable to do list can really help to put all of your lists in one spot instead of all over the place like mine. It also has a lot of writing room, which is great to have on days where you have a lot to do.

I had the Sugar Paper L.A. wall calendar last year and loved it! There's so much space to write in the boxes and the calendar looks chic and girly hung up on my cork board above my desk. It's also about $10 from Target, which is a steal of a deal for a good, big wall calendar.

I couldn't find the exact one I own, but this is pretty good! I love this because it only takes up a small area of  space on your desk and it stores so many pens, pencils, sticky notes, paper clips, erasers, etc. An acrylic one can also seem like it is not taking as much space up because you can see right through it. 

I'd say this one is more for students, but anyone of any age can use a pencil case. I got mine off of Amazon last year, but haven't been able to find it since. I love Lilly Pulitzer's pencil cases though, and I use mine constantly. Looking through a backpack trying to find something to write with can be an absolute pain in the butt. A pencil case can keep all of your writing utensils together so you don't have to go deep sea diving through your backpack to try to find one tiny pencil.

I love these bins from Target! To be 100% honest these bins are bins I just throw stuff in. They're organized in a way that holds a majority of my toiletries. But that is honestly how far is goes. Once you pull it off the shelf unit, it's a complete mess inside. They're a great way to hide clutter that can't really look pretty and organized no matter how hard you've tried.

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