Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Updated Snow Day Essentials

If y'all have been around long enough then you probably know about my first ever post on this blog which was Snow Day Essentials. It's a pretty random first post and that's mainly because I imported some old posts from an old blog, then deleted those because I didn't really like those posts and this was the first one that I made on this blog. 
I looked back on it a couple days ago and I remember that exact winter (well, considering it was only a year ago and a big snow storm, I would've hoped I remember it). I remember being pretty bored that day, and decided to make some blog posts and that's one I came up with. I remember being so proud of that post and how I had made the image, haha. 
If you haven't checked my weekly update post this past week (here) then you'll know all about the snow we got. I thought it would be fun to share some of my updated snow day essentials, especially since we've already had three snow days this year! If you've read my original Snow Day Essentials then you'll notice some reoccurring favorites, but also some new ones!
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Warm clothes
This is a given, but during cold days I always seem to want to layer in really warm fuzzy clothes (like this pullover, it's for both men and women!) I am prone to putting on two sweatshirts and two pairs of sweats, too.

This has been a new favorite of mine for the month. I've never really thought much about tea, but recently I've been really craving it. I have one daily and could always have more. I like the fruity ones more than the herbal-y. I think everyone will agree that warm drinks on cold days are always the best treats!

Fuzzy Socks
I wear fuzzy socks year round, but I always love the fuzziest socks on snowy days. These and these are my favorites. They last way longer than your typical fuzzy sock, and are really thick so it really helps to keep your feet warm.

I love curling up with a nice blanket. Like I said in the original post, my room is the coldest in the house and I usually have two with me!

Serious Snow Boots
These have saved me this year! I have the L.L Bean boots and recommend them to everyone. There is a reason why so many people have them. Granted they are a trend, but I bought mine specifically for their durability (and I thought they were super cute!) My mom has these from Tommy Hilfiger and I love them! If I didn't have my Bean Boots I would 100% get these! 

This winter I have been so dry! I made a post all about my favorite lotion so go check that out!

Comfort Food
A good soup is the way to go, and if you're a Panera lover like me there are a ton of Panera replica recipes on Pinterest that I am dying to try!

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