Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekly Update | #4 2016 | (1/25-1/30)

Hey y'all! Happy Saturday! This week has been so long. It feels like it's been two weeks put into one. I'm so glad it's the weekend because I've needed to catch up on all things school and all things blogging. Let's grab some coffee (maybe grab a bag of popcorn) and chat! 

Monday was my first day back to school after an unplanned five day weekend. We ended up having a 2 hour delay, which was so nice to have. I was able to wake up at 8:30 and take my time getting ready. It really makes me wish that we could start classes at 10:25 instead of our regular 8:25. The school day was also nice because our morning classes were only 30 minutes long!

On Tuesday, I stayed after with my friends to film the short movie for my arts and humanities class. It was so nice to be able to cross another thing that has caused me so much stress off of my list! The whole process was really easy. There were just a few obstacles throughout the process, but all turned out very well! 
I tried to look a little nice today unlike my normal pullover, or Lilly Pulitzer t-shirt and North Face jacket because I was going to be on camera.
Necklace: J. Crew Factory (similar here) | Top: Loft | Boots: L.L. Bean (not seem, but I wore my North Face to keep warm.) 
I got this top for Christmas (haul here) and I love it! It's super comfy and I love how it looks! I can pair it with a statement necklace like the photo above, a layered way with my monogram necklace and some other dainty ones, with my blanket scarf, or with arm candy. It's such a versatile top that I absolutely love having in my wardrobe!

By Wednesday the snow had melted a considerable amount. The temperature had gotten considerably warmer and it didn't look so much like a winter wonderland.

Friday was such a relieving day because it's the weekend! Ugh, I needed it this week. For some reason this week was just sooo long! I had two tests in the classes I score the lowest in, but luckily they're over!
Today my mom and I headed to the mall to go shopping for my best friends birthday. I love shopping, but shopping for others is even better! Today was a bit of a hectic day though because power blew all around the mall area and we couldn't buy anything! We were out for three hours trying to get in and out of traffic! 

Oh, and one last thing, if I make a Twitter or Instagram account for this blog, would y'all follow?

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