Monday, February 1, 2016

January Favorites | 2016

My goodness January has flown by! It's crazy to think how short this month has been. I really feel like I was anticipating the ball to drop just yesterday and now it's February 1st! It's been a month and I'm still not used to writing 2016 on my paper. I have caught myself daily writing 2015 on the majority of my papers. 
I am happy about having some favorites this month though. I love making these posts because I get to reflect back on a lot of positives during the month. Grab some coffee and popcorn and lets talk all about my favorite things from this month!

This pullover has kept me warm all winter and it is so soft! I feel like I'm wrapped in a blanket all day and it's amazing! I've seriously found a reason to wear it almost every week.

These shoes have been so handy to have this winter! Because of all the snow we have had already I have used these like crazy to keep my feet dry. They're durable and super useful.

I wear fuzzy socks year round, but I have been loving these pair. Their double lined and the quality is so much better than your regular fuzzy sock. Sadly though, they don't go over 8" Bean Boots.

My curls have been so flat and dry this winter and this shampoo and conditioner has saved my curls. They look healthy and moisturized and very springy. I've always really loved L'Oreal products and I always go back to them when my hair starts looking bleh.

This winter my hands have been extremely dry and I've hated it. I've been using this lotion every time I come from outside. It soaks up fast, isn't too greasy, and the scent is so wonderful and clean, but not overwhelming. 

This is one of my favorite seasons mainly because oranges and clementines are in season! I love these so much and have been eating one (sometimes two) daily!

For some reason I have really been drinking a ton of tea and I have no idea why I have been craving it so much. I love the fruit tea sampler from Celestial and the Raspberry and Wild Berry Zingers are my absolute favorite.

I guess you could call this my human favorite, but I have been loving watching their videos! I have watched so many this month! I found them because I avidly watched the Shaytards. They're family vloggers and just so much fun to watch. It's like reality t.v. without the insane amount of drama.

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