Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Update | #4 2016 | (2/1-2/6}

What a week. It seemed so long and drawn out. Every time around this time of the year, school weeks just seem to take forever to get over. Thank the lord for the weekend! I'm spending mine doing chores and working on homework. I know not so entertaining. Anyways, let's grab some tea maybe some popcorn and get to chatting!
On Monday and Tuesday I studied for my quiz and test that would be on Wednesday. I had a quiz in AP World History and a test in my math class, and dang were they rocky. I'm just so happy that they're over! Also, since this week has been oddly very warm, it's been easier to dress a little nicer. I felt like a total blogger with my blanket scarf and striped top. I hope it wasn't a fashion fail because I was a bit apprehensive about wearing this (**cough cough* since stripes and plaid were a huge no no and now they're a huge go go...if you can pull them off). I've told y'all before and I'll tell y'all again, you need a blanket scarf. I can't stop wearing mine!!!

Thursday was a super exciting day because it was one of my good friends birthday! Me and my other friend had planned to buy her a cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory because she told us a while back that she had never had it before (I know crazy!). My other friend and I jumped on the idea like mad women and got her one. And guys her reaction was the best! She knew me and my other friend were hiding something (idk why I... I mean we just giggled every time she  said she was excited about her birthday and we even "sneakily" planned the whole thing in front of her...#sarcasm). I did ask her if she knew we were getting a cheesecake and she said no but she knew something was up. I'm just so excited we were able to pull this off, and make her birthday even more enjoyable and momentous.
Btw excuse the horrendous background. Tables in an art class aren't the prettiest...(who am I kidding they look like they've been hit by a truck).

On Saturday I went shopping for my best friends birthdays. I had already bought a couple of things, but had to finish up this weekend. We stopped into Target to grab some gift bags and oh my gosh everything was so cute! This wasn't even all the cute things they had out!

Once I got home I wrapped their gifts and just loved how it turned out! 

How was y'all's week? Leave it in the comments!

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