Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Update | # 5 2016 | (2/8-2/13)

Hey y'all! What a week, what a week! Quiet eventful, so they say. Lots of food and lots of fun (really though this post is full of food)! Now that it's the weekend I have time to work on homework, do chores, and work on my print for art class. Grab some tea, and let's chat!
On Monday I had to leave school a little early for an orthodontist appointment, but I was able to convince my mom to pick me up an hour early to go to Panera. Panera is by far my favorite place to eat and I get the same things all the time. Caesar salad and broccoli cheddar soup are always my go to's!

Tuesday was my best friends birthdays. They didn't end up going to school on Tuesday (lucky ducks) so I was able to run to Kroger with my mom to grab some cupcakes. Kimberly's cupcakes are by far my favorite so I wanted to share the deliciousness! I haven't tried this particular flavor, but oh my goodness it looks so good! 

On Tuesday it was a little warmer than normal so it was easier to dress a little nicer. I haven't warn my Lilly Pulitzer scarf in so long and have been trying to find an outfit to wear with it. I loved this outfit! Definitely a new go to! It surprisingly kept me warm even though it was in the 30's all day.

On Saturday my best friends and I went to the mall to hang out. We walked the entire mall and didn't buy anything. I know. There was some cute things that I had found, but nothing that jumped out at me that I really wanted to buy. We ended up going to Orange Leaf after, and I kind of spiced up my regular. I got the cheesecake fro-yo and my regular cookie dough toppings, but then I got Snickers on it which was super good. I also stole one of my friends brownies (FYI Orange Leaf's brownies are a-maz-ing!)

How was y'all's week?


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