Friday, March 18, 2016

How to Get Everything Done on Your To Do List

I seriously can't live without lists. Whether it's a shopping list, idea list, or to do list, I have lists going all the time (just looking at my Evernote will make people shocked by how many lists I really have). I have gone through many of weekends where I have had tons upon tons of things on my to do list and I can get really stressed by it. Just about a week ago I had an insane to do list and was able to get it all done in a decent amount of time because I used all of these tips below!

Wake up early.
On days when I know I'm going to have a busy day the next day, I always try to plan on waking up early. You can get started on your list earlier which will make you more likely to get your list completely done.

Section it into time limits.
Maybe take an hour cleaning your room, 30 minutes cleaning your closet, etc. By sectioning off a time limit, it will not only make you "race" to beat the time and get it done (at least make it look good, don't just rush to get it done really fast) but you time off your day to make sure everything does get done in a speedy amount of time.

If you need to get homework done, then do that before you clean your room. You just have to look at your list and make sure you're getting done the things that really do need to get done first

Get one thing completely done then start on the other.
I have a major problem with not completing something and moving onto a next task. It's better to get something fully done so you can completely cross it off of your list. Having a bunch of things half done doesn't help with the stress, it just adds onto more. 

Avoid being sidetracked.
Turn on your favorite playlist and just get things done! I prefer binge "watching" either shows or videos while I work on diminishing everything on my list.

Don't feel guilty if not everything is accomplished.
It's 110% okay if not everything is accomplished. There are many days when I don't get done what I want to get done. All I do is move it over to the next day and it's okay if you have to do that!

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