Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Birthday Update + A Birthday Haul Video!

I'm so excited to finally be posting this! Last Sunday, March 6th, was my birthday, and I wanted to share my week with y'all, as well as film a birthday haul video! Anyways, this is kind of a long post so grab a snack and beverage of your choice and let's get chatting!
On Friday during sixth hour two of my friends in that class brought me cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory! If y'all remember from one of lasts months weekly updates, my other friend and I got one of my friends a cheesecake and now they bought me one for my birthday! Definitely a new tradition we'll be keeping up!

They got me the Hershey's one and oh my gosh guys it was so good and the presentation was beautiful even though the cake did get a little squished in the box, haha.

Saturday my mom and I ran around to some consignment stores to find the Tory Burch bag that I want that's not being sold anywhere anymore. We didn't end up finding it, but I found a scarf in my favorite Lilly Pulitzer print for $24! It'll be in the video down below. We also went to T.J.Maxx to look at some of the bags there and I found a yoga mat, finally! I've been looking on Amazon for one for quiet some time and just haven't found one that I like for a reasonable price. That night my Grandma came over to bring me my presents and then we went to dinner at Johnny Carinos. I ended up getting the 16 layer lasagna and could not finish it because it was so thick.

Sunday was my birthday!!! When I woke up in  the morning I got ready to go to my dads swim meet. He swims in a masters league this year, and it was my first time seeing him swim competitively. Funny story, though, his first event I didn't know which lane he was in so I ended up watching and cheering for a completely different man. It obviously was one of my first meets I've been to, haha.
When we came home I ate lunch and watched the Cubs game. I love that baseball is finally back on and I've been keeping up with all of their games. 
For dinner we had steaks (fun fact I absolutely love steak) and after dinner I opened my presents from my parents and brother. We normally open presents in the morning, but since my dad had a swim meet that morning I decided to wait till after dinner.

After dinner we of course had cake, and I thought it was so cute! It tasted amazing as always, and I loved the candles!

Surprise, surprise, I made a YouTube video! One of my blogging goals for the year was to make videos and I can now cross it off my list. By the way, sorry that I sounded a bit nasally, since Spring is rolling around my allergy's have started to kick in (bleh). 
Scarf (not available) | Yoga Mat (not available) | Pillow | Tumbler  (not available) | Mug | Elsa Top | Perfume Set | Jacket | Makeup Bag (not available) | Tee Shirt | Pearl Earring (not available) | Cubs Mug (not available)| Pearl Necklace (not available)  

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