Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly Update | #7 2016 | (3/12-3/20)

Hey y'all! So this week has been quiet eventful. Shopping and food seemed to be high on the list of activities. Instead of spending a long time on this intro let's get started on what unfolded this week! One quick announcement! I made an Instagram for the blog! I'd love, love, love it if y'all went to follow!

Last Saturday my mom and I ran some errands to return the perfume set in my birthday haul video. I found that the scent didn't last long, so I decided to return it and put the money towards something else (possibly a new bag??). While shopping, we ended up stopping into Bath and Body Works because they were having a sale, and y'all, it smelled amazing in there! I adore how they set up the shop in the summer, everything looks so beachy and bright!
I walked in planning on getting some candles, but got sucked into the wall flowers because this plug in was so cute! 
The inner blogger in me screamed when I saw this! I got the scents Rain Forest Gardenia and Caribbean Escape, which smell a-maz-ing!
That night we had pizza. I'm not a vegetarian what so ever (I love steak way too much), but the vegetarian pizza is my absolute favorite. It's the only thing I can really stomach, and I think that's because over these past couple of years my family and I have been eating very, very healthily. Instead of working on homework (or other art projects I really need to get done) I thought it would be fun to paint You Gotta Regatta, one of Lilly Pulitzer's iconic prints. And peak to a Bratayley video playing in the background!

On Monday, my painting teacher assigned a new project which was a stacked still life. She showed examples of a lot of tea cups and plates stacked in interesting ways, but I knew I wanted to do something much different from that. I went onto Pinterest to get more ideas and still didn't find anything "interesting" and all of a sudden it hit me to do pancakes. Do not ask me how I came up with this idea, I think it was because I was so hungry and it was still the morning and I was thinking of breakfast foods. I also got about four hours of sleep the night before so my mind was just wondering everywhere. 
 When I offered the idea to my teacher she kind of looked at me like I was crazy, but she said sure. I don't think she was expecting me to do it, but I made some pancakes from this recipe and ate them after dinner! 

Tuesday afternoon, my brother, dad, and I went to a baseball game. I know I have yet to ever talk about baseball on this blog (haha, sarcasm). I was thrilled to finally get to go to one this season! The weather was absolutely perfect for March (almost 80 degrees, and sunny with no clouds in the sky, psh, yes please!)

Wednesday to Friday was fairly boring. I worked on making some edits to my blog (notice anything different?) and I worked on a small amount of homework. I've been very shocked by how little homework I have had (knock on wood, 'cause if I don't, I know I'm going to be loaded with more again). 

Saturday my mom, brother, and I went to the outlet mall near my town. We went to get some Spring clothes, but I didn't end up getting that much. I've been looking for a new bag (the bag I've been using is one for Juicy Couture. I got that in sixth grade...) and I finally found one at Sac's Off 5th. It's the MICHEAL Michael Kors Small Jet Set Travel Tote and it was on a very good deal! I was looking at the Tory Burch York Buckle tote, but I just couldn't shell out over $200 for a bag (especially since a lot of the reviews are criticizing the quality of the straps and bag itself). I ended up finding the Micheal Kors one for just a tiny bit over $100, and in my opinion that is a great deal for a very good quality purse!
I also got a pair of black tennis shoes from Nike because my other ones are so beat up. I also got this top from J.Crew. I've come to notice that I really like J. Crew in the spring and summer, but not so much in the fall and winter. 
That night we had breakfast for dinner! I was so excited because we hadn't done that in so long. I was also able to make the pancakes I had made for the art project (I tripled everything for the four of us, but I recommend quadrupling it if everyone plans on eating multiple pancakes), and they were even better the second time!

Sunday was pretty chill, I worked on chores and some blog posts. My mom and I also ran around town picking up some last minute things for Spring Break! T-minus one week until I'm off to Florida! I couldn't be more excited! How do y'all feel about me vlogging while I'm there?  I still haven't decided if I want to give it a shot yet and this is not a promise that it will happen, more of a suggestion, haha. Are y'all going on Spring Break?

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