Friday, March 25, 2016

What to Keep in Your Beach Bag

Every year for Spring Break my family and I go to a beach down in Florida. We usually have two beach bags to use as a whole family, but this year I've decided to bring my own. Having a shared beach bag wasn't horrible, but after a while they would get crammed with all four of our things, and they turned into a big whole where you couldn't find anything. I'm pretty confident in knowing what I need, and what I don't, so I thought I would share it with y'all!
Quick side note! For a cute beach bag, I got this market tote from Lilly Pulitzer for $10 (I know)! And that bathing suit top isn't from Triangl, it's from Target!

Towel- I know my resort we go to every year (and most other hotels and resorts) have towels accessible, but this towel I got as a free gift with purchase from Lilly Pulitzer. It was too cute not to bring along.

Sunscreen- Being a red head with fair skin in the sun all day isn't the perfect match up, so I always pack sunscreen with me. No matter how well your skin can seem resistant to the sun you need to put sunscreen on. 

Hat- I pack my baseball hat to help keep the sun out of my face, but also to help keep my face from burning. I also like to bring my sun hat along in case I need more protection because it shades my shoulders.

Sunglasses- This is a given, but one thing I recommend doing is bringing along cheap sunglasses from Target or Forever 21. I have seen so many people bring along their Raybans and the sand always scrates them up or they loose them in the ocean.

Waterbottle- I love my Camelbak, but I don't want the plastic to get foggy from sunscreen or scrated up from the sand. My dad bought waterbottles from Amazon a couple years ago and we bring them on every vacation. They're super durable and will keep your drink fairly cool throughout the day.

Coverup- I love the ones currently at Old Navy, but I usually just wear a pair of Nike shorts.Even though I'm at a resort and everyone else is wearing bathing suits, I still like to have an option to cover up a little if I want.

Snacks- It's not a true beach day if you don't bring along snacks. Whether it's pretzels, gold fish, granola bars, or fruit having things to fuel you up in the sun is always important.

Emergency kit- Things like chapstick, feminine products, extra money, bandaids, hair brush, hand sanitizer, hair ties, bobby pins, tissues, gum, nail file. I keep all of these in a fairly small bag, and I always reach for this!

Small bag of makeup-
I very normally don't carry this aroind but if you do find yourself needing a bag of makeup go ahead and take it. Things like concealer, powder, lip gloss, and mascara would be good to carry. 

My mom and I buy so many magazines when we go to the beach! I love flipping through all the fashion magazines and I always have at least two on me whenever I go down to the beach.

I normally carry around my Lilly Pulitzer wirstlet, but I don't want to get it ruined, so I keep this little IDKase from Scout Bags. It holds my room key and money, but it's small and light weight and easy to carry. 

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  1. Such a cute way you organized this-Love the Lilly once more!



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