Monday, April 18, 2016

A Guide to Great Skin

I have struggled with my skin since the sixth grade and have been on an emotional roller coaster about it since. My skin has never been insanely horrible. I've had many, many pimples, but never to the effect of cysts. Sixth grade was the first time my skin had broken out, and I had many pimples on my forehead and a couple on my chin. Since, my acne has traveled all across my face. For a while it was all over my forehead and cheeks, then just to my cheeks, and currently my acne is more focused on my chin and cheeks. In the past year or so my skin has cleared up a lot! I remember thinking that my skin will never be insanely clear again and it has gotten there. I do go back and forth, having a lot of zits, and having clear skin and I also have quiet a bit of acne scaring. I have gone to my doctor multiple times to get help with my acne and I highly, highly recommend going to a dermatologist if you have problematic skin. They'll know what to do for your skin condition more than the internet will ever know. But, you can also help your skin by making simple changes to your lifestyle. I'll have a complete updated skincare routine up soon, but these are the things I do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to help my skin clear up!

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