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My Trip in One Post | Spring Break 2016

I think I can hands down say that update posts are my absolute favorite posts to write. I look forward to  weekly update posts every weekend, but my absolute favorite update posts have to be vacation update posts. I think that's because I can look back whenever I want to see a specific years vacation (I always go back to my fall vacation because it was so much fun). This year was a more important trip though. We've been going to the same resort every spring break (besides one year) for seventeen years. Yup seventeen, and no we haven't gotten bored. But this time around was my brothers last spring break before he graduates, we didn't make it any more special than any of the others, but little moments made it very memorable. 

We started off our 15 hour journey on Friday (yup, fifteen hours). Last semester, during fall break, I had to go to school for my first two class hours for quizzes, but this time around, I slept in and helped pack. That morning was pretty hectic, but we were able to get out of town and get going. Nothing too big to update about besides my food, I mean when do I not post about food?
We went to Fridays (did anyone else know that they changed TGI Fridays to just Fridays?). It was really, really good and the lettuce was insanely fresh!
We passed through Atlanta, like always, and every time the city looks beautiful. I love their architecture because it's so unique to Atlanta. 

In the morning we headed straight to Cracker Barrel. This time around I didn't get my basic bowl of cereal, muffin, and bowl of fruit. I went for the buttermilk pancakes with fried apples, and a raspberry iced sweet tea. Y'all, it was amazing! I have been missing out my whole life on Cracker Barrel breakfast food! I don't know why I have always been so stubborn about what I eat for breakfast, but until recently I have been obsessed with all things breakfast. Literally this was the absolute best meal I have had for breakfast and had it two mornings in a row!

All day Friday traffic was pretty bad, mostly because we were caught in construction and people traveling home for Easter. Saturday though, traffic was very light so we decided to go on a little detour and head to the University of Florida, because yah know, it's right there, haha...Anyways, we were all starving because it was 4 o'clock when we finally ate. We went to a local restaurant on campus, and they're known for their pizza and calzones. Oh my goodness y'all it was amazing!

Once we finally ate we headed into campus, well mainly into the sports area of campus. Once we got to the football stadium, my mom and brother practically jumped out of the car and raced in. I was shocked to see that the stadium was open, because I figured something like that would be locked up, but there were many kids on college tours looking around the stadium, and students working out. 

I fully understand why they call it "the swamp" because it literally felt like one. It felt like the temperature went up ten degrees once I stepped in, but the stadium was very nice looking.  

We drove a couple more hours to stay at our last hotel. We were all exhausted by the time we got there and because we had such a late lunch we got small meals at the restaurant area in the hotel and then fell asleep. That morning though, my dad and I went back down to the restaurant area to grab some Starbucks. I got the white chocolate mocca, and dang was it good! I know if any of my friends are reading this right now they will be floored that I had never had Starbucks until then (they all call me a basic white girl...). Well now I can cross getting Starbucks off my bucket list, haha.

That day we headed for the resort. Last year I took quiet a bit of pictures inside the main building, so y'all can head over to that post because I didn't take many this year.  When we did get there though, we were "welcomed home" (whenever you check in they always say welcome home) like normal and we all went inside to be quickly greeted by someone from the front desk and a guy with a camera. I thought it was a new way of them greeting guests, but they quickly said, "you're the family of the week!" I was about to drop everything and run, haha! Having that kind of attention terrifies me and everyone was staring! The two guys told us all the discounts we were going to receive inside the resort and all that stuff, but I didn't pay attention because, well there was a camera. I know, it's so ironic that I'm a blogger and I don't like having my picture taken, but this time around I wanted to dart off because I had no makeup on, I had been in the car for a while, and I hadn't washed my hair for a couple of days. I think any girl can agree that having your picture taken, looking like you rolled out of a dumpster, isn't the best situation ever. Especially when the whole resort was going to see it. They told us we could come back later and get out picture taken once we had taken a shower so I had a little sigh of relief. 
Our room wasn't ready yet so we grabbed our beach stuff and headed right over. 
After being at the beach for a couple of hours our room was finally ready so we brought in our things and started getting ready for dinner. We went to the Easter buffet at the resort and luckily my mom and I decided to bring dressy outfits "just in case" because it did come in handy. I tried to take a picture of my outfit after dinner but the lighting wasn't good and the only good picture I had of it was the picture they took of us because we were "family of the week." No joke, they take the "family of the week" thing quiet seriously. Don't get me wrong I found it extremely sweet for them going over and beyond the extra mile to make us feel a little more special, but attention plus me just isn't a good mix, I get insanely shy, haha. Apparently they sent out an email to the staff about us and every time we said our last name staff members would be like, "Oh my gosh you're the family of the week!" 
The absolute sweetest thing though was what we were welcomed with when we came back to our room after dinner. There was a little card and a box on our table and inside the box was the framed picture they took in the lobby! I was shocked out of my mind! I didn't get a picture of the presentation because my family found it before me, but they really go above and beyond to make guests feel extra welcome and at home. 

Monday was our first full day at the beach and it was amazing! I really missed the sound of the waves, and the heat of the sun on my skin. Mid way through the day though, it got extra cloudy and a storm was coming into shore. Instead of camping out in the room, my mom and brother went to the workout room in the resort, and my dad and I went to go get ice cream at a local orange grove.
When we came we asked for cones, but they said that they had been serving so much that the ice cream was a bit runny. The lady ended up trying to put it in the cone but it started to fall over so she threw it in the cup. It looks quit funny when I walked out the little shop.

Tuesday was another day spent at the beach, but around 3 o'clock we had to pack up because a storm was coming in. We spent the rest of the day relaxing in the room, watching the Cubs game, and Fixer Upper. It was a pretty bad storm going through the area so we skipped going to dinner and ordered pizza. We've been praying for no rain for probably two weeks and we didn't exactly luck out. We're still able to be on the beach, but have to quickly leave when a storm comes
Wednesday was another day at the beach and both Wednesday and Thursday, it was insanely windy. Thursday I ended up coming into the room because, well, I got burned...

Thursday was another day spent at the beach, but that night we went to a restaurant on the water and the view was amazing! To be 100% honest I was absolutely terrified to take these pictures because I am so scared of falling off docks, and well, this one was ultra rocky. 

Friday was our last night and we decided to go to the restaurant in the resort for dinner. Because we were family of the week they of course set up the table all nice for us...

One of the perks of being family of the week is that we got a lot of free things and one of my favorites was the Mickey ice cream bars! We have pictures of me when I was younger at the pool in the resort eating these so it was like a flashback to the past (OMG flash back Friday!). I hadn't had one in a while and I forgot how good they were.

Saturday and Sunday we spent the day coming back home sadly. It's good to be back home though and get back into a normal routine, but I desperately miss the warm Florida air. T-minus 365 days till we go back!

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  1. This sounds like so much fun Alyson, I can't wait to go back to Florida myself!

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