Monday, May 23, 2016

Nine Ways to Combat Your Stress

I feel like the end of the year is the definition of stress. The papers, the tests, the homework, just everything. If you have read my weekly update post then you'll know all about how stressful my past month and a half has been with the AP test. Luckily it is over and done, but I've figured out some things that have helped me combat my stress and I wanted to share those with y'all.

ONE// Listen to uplifting music
Whenever I start feeling like my life is collapsing in on itself (such a positive visual, jk) I turn on my Spotify playlist and just start dancing. Even when I feel my worst I always try to get myself out of the bed and start dancing, even if I'm horrible at it.

TWO// Get some sleep
I know whenever I feel really stressed and in a funk its because I'm not getting my 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is insanely important, it refreshes your mind and gives your body a break. Sometimes everything can seem like it's exploding even when it's just your mind over exaggerating things and needing its sleep.

THREE// Meditate
Sitting and breathing is sometimes all you need to do to calm your mind. Breathing exercises are proven to calm the mind and relax your body. It's almost like sleep if you don't have the time to. 

FOUR// Do a yoga flow
Yah, yah I know I mention yoga in like every other post, but yoga really helps to calm yourself. Your getting your body moving like a workout, but also working on your breathing and concentration of being in the moment instead of whatever is stressing you out.

FIVE// Color
Those adult coloring books are said to be insanely therapeutic. For being at such an inexpensive price it's a good way to sit and relax. You know how artists always say that they feel relaxed whenever they do art, coloring has the same effect. You can also color on your couch watching your favorite show.

SIX// Make a list of everything stressing you out
Sometimes I blow things out of proportion and realize I don't actually have a lot of things that stress me out. It's just one of those physiological situations where when you're stressed absolutely everything stresses you out. Sometimes writing it out can actually show you how irrelevant the things you're stressing about are or how there aren't very many things that are really stressful

SEVEN// Take a bath
We all know taking a warm bath with bubbles and your favorite candles can be so relaxing so take some time and take one.

EIGHT// Have a "me" night
Put on a face mask, do your nails, watch your favorite show. Anything to make you feel like you're in a spa instead of the real world.

NINE// Vent to friends
If nothing else, sometimes talking about it can lift the weight of it off your shoulders. I always talk to my mom about anything stressing me out, even if she doesn't help me solve the problem then and there, I can usually feel more relieved because I'm not boiling it up inside of me.


  1. I've been meaning to pick up an adult coloring book! Looks like a so much fun. Great tips girl. :)

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules


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