Monday, May 16, 2016

Ultimate Finals Survival Guide | 2016

Finals are starting very early for me this year and that's mainly because my teachers are counting state tests as our finals. I don't know if everyone is staying on a similar schedule or are going to have finals later on in May, but I wanted to share my tips. I 100% understand how stressful finals can be and once they're over, well, you're just ready to be done. Below are some of my tips to help keep yourself sane during finals!

Start studying early
You don't want to procrastinate, that only causes more and more stress! I always try to study a week in advance, but earlier than that is even better! You can slowly review the material and not have to cram the night before the test.

 Study for 30 minutes take 10 minute breaks
Having study breaks is essential. You never want to go a long time with studying or else you will fry your brain. I usually study for thirty minutes to an hour and then take a ten minute break. During that ten minute break you can prepare your materials for the new class your studying, grab a quick snack, stretch a little. One thing you don't want to do is get on social media. Just don't do it. You'll get trapped and be clicking way for hours.

Use Quizlet
No I am not sponsored by Quizlet, I honestly really, really love it. I have a whole post on that here if you want to learn more about it.

Get enough sleep
Pulling all nighters just isn't necessary, and it doesn't help. You need your rest to calm yourself down and to rejuvenate your mind. Teachers always say to get enough sleep before a test for a good reason. Because you perform better.

Keep your study space clean
Clutter stresses me and when I'm already stressed about finals, I don't need to deal with more stress. Also, keeping a clean work space will help you be able to easily find everything you need to study.

Remove distractions
Your phone, your computer, anything that will tempt you to stop studying, turn off and put away. It's a time for studying not checking Instagram. 

Plan your study schedule
Know when your tests are, determine what class you need to study most for, and make schedule of when to study and how long to study.

Get all your materials together
Highlighters, study guides, notes, etc. Get everything out and ready so you can have an extended period of studying, not looking for that one pink highlighter at the very bottom of your backpack. 

Ask questions
Teachers are there for a reason. To help you understand things. They are more than happy to help you understand something that you don't know, and they want you to succeed. Even if you think the teacher doesn't like you or you don't like them, just ask questions!

Stock up on healthy snacks
When I'm stressed I eat, and I'm uber stressed during finals. I try to grab for cheese, carrots, crackers, hummus, etc. Obviously, a bar of chocolate makes it's way into the list of foods I want during finals, but always try and grab for the healthy snacks, even if you aren't studying or finals.

Study past tests
FYI some teachers use past test questions on the finals. So study the tests! Don't try and memorize the answers, that will not help you, but quizzing yourself on the content is always good to know what you do and don't know.

Listen to classical music
 It has no distracting lyrics or beats, it just flows, and calms, and concentrates the mind. I always listen to classical music to help me focus. 

Think positively
 Don't drown yourself with fear. Even if you don't get that A on the test, you'll be fine, and still live. Remember it's just a test, it doesn't determine who you are as a person, how truly smart you are, or how great of a person you are. So just breathe, don't stress, and study!

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