Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weekly Update | #8 2016 | Where I've Been This past Month

Ha, remember me? I'ts been so long since we've chatted! I've missed sitting down, writing a blog post and then publishing it! I will say though, I have been writing posts, but I've been saving those for summer break because I may or may not be posting every day (might become every other day) of break. The main reason why I haven't been posting is because of school! Ugh, it's been a rough ride. This entire month and last month AP World History had taken over my life, and no I'm not kidding. Every waking moment I spent studying something APWH or dwelling on the test. Last Thursday was the AP test, and it feels so good that I finally have that over with. I can now focus on all my other classes, and focus on things that I love, *cough, cough* this blog. I can't promise that I'll have my normal schedule of posts until the 26th (because that's when summer break starts) because I want to save posts to be able to post during the summer. 
Anyways, lets get on into this weekly update. 
Like I said Thursday was my AP test, I was lucky to have it during the morning session so I could get it over with. The test seemed easy-ish and I'm praying that I get the passing score. My dad picked me up and I spent the afternoon hanging out at home. Instead of doing what I had planed; clean my room, bathroom, and work on homework; I spent it redesigning my blog. I feel like I am constantly redoing my blog, but this time I finally found a design I love!

Friday I had to go back to school. My AP World History teacher has this tradition that the day after the test herself and the class all bring in breakfast food to celebrate getting the test over with! My teacher brought bagels from Panera and some other kids brought doughnuts, orange juice, fruit, etc. The food was so good and we spent the class period eating and relaxing.

That night my parents and I went out to dinner and then headed to a gallery that three of my art pieces were in! I wasn't able to get any pictures because my phone was about to die and it was really crowded. It was a lot of fun though! One of my pieces ended up getting third place! 

Saturday morning I slept in and decided to fix myself some pancakes, if y'all want to know my recipe just let me know and I'll make a blog post!

That afternoon my mom and I and some other family members were planning on going to a cemetery with my second cousin to scatter her sisters ashes across her parents graves. It ended up getting cancelled because of the rain so we rescheduled for Sunday. The rest of the weekend was fairly relaxing. I spent my time catching up on sketchbook assignments that I need to make up, and writing and revising some more blog posts.

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