Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2016-2017 Lilly Pulitzer Agendas

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Yaya! I'm so excited!!! Lilly Pulitzer agendas are back in stock, well, you can only pre-order them right now, but that's technically in stock right?! I love seeing the agenda tab on Lilly Pulitzer's search bar. Don't ask me why, I think it's just because Lilly plus organization equals happy Alyson.
 I already know which one I'm getting, which is a shock because the past two years, it has taken me a solid two to three weeks to actually figure out which one I want. I'm one of those people that go to my local Lilly boutique and purchase my agenda there, right when they come to the store, but last year I changed my mind after seeing the one I thought I wanted in person. So who knows if I'll actually get the one in Southern Charm.
I have a whole post on my agenda organization, but this year I've definitely decided to go with the jumbo instead of the large because I need more space to write everything down. I do plan on keeping the same organization because it kept me super organized and worked so well this past year. 
The large is the most common size bought, and that's because it's smaller than a notebook, but large enough to be able to write everything down. If you do know that you're going to have a lot of events-say planning for your whole family or having classes with a bunch of homework and due dates- go jumbo, but if you're planning for yourself and don't have gruesome classes, go large. 
 Below are a variety of patterns and sizes that were seen on the website. These agendas come in jumbo, large, medium, and small and in a month only layout
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven
Which one are y'all thinking of getting?

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