Tuesday, June 14, 2016

21 Things That Make Me Happy

Sometimes it can be very hard to look on the positive side of things. I always try to keep a list in my phone, and edit it on a constant, of things that make me happy. Whether it's something that had happened throughout my day or just some of my all time favorite things, I try to put it on that list. Whenever I start feeling down I always look at this list. Here are my top 21 things that make me happy (but they're in no specific order!)
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1.) Sunny days
2.) Bright colors
3.) Stripes
4.) Weekends
5.) Shopping
6.) Movie nights
7.) Days at the beach
8.) Comfort clothes
10.) Pearls
11.) Bright lipstick
12.) Long mornings
13.) Baking
14.) Lazy days
15.) A good book
16.) Warm cup of tea
17.) Sleeping in
18.) Bible journaling
19.) Fuzzy blankets
20.) Blogging
21.) Fro-yo on warm July nights.


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