Wednesday, June 8, 2016

4 Fashion Trends that I Used to HATE

We all have those fashion trends we undeniably start hating, I've had plenty over the years, but after seeing them styled on Pinterest or on a fashion blogger I love, I can end up warming up to it. Granted I don't warm up to all fashion trends, but below are some trends that I used to hate, but am currently in love with.

I used to always say leggings aren't pants and I never understood why some girls would expose themselves so much (and still don't fully understand), but oh my goodness they are so comfortable! I would wear leggings daily if I could and they really are an essential to every closet.

I didn't understand why someone would put half of their hair in a bun and leave the rest down. I mean if you want a bun why not put all of your hair up, but the trend has really, really started to grow on me and I really like how they look, especially with your hair in loose beachy waves. 

This is still a very controversial shoe, but I have found so many cute outfits with these featured! I used to think they were very granola old people shoes, but after seeing outfits I really like how they look. I'm really trying to decide if I should buy a pair or not. 

I think I used to hate them so much because I could never wear them, #dresscode. Now though, they're so cute and a really big trend this coming summer. I might just need to grab one or two!

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