Thursday, June 9, 2016

5 Ways to Have A Lovely Day

Sometimes I just wake up in a horrible mood. We all do, there is no denying we don't, but it's one thing to stay in a bad mood all day. Even if you don't wake up in a bad mood, the morning and day can just come out as meh. But there are simple ways to turn your day around and make it lovely. Below are my five tips to having a lovely day. 
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Waking up early helps you to prepare for your day sooner. You also get to spend the time relaxing instead of rushing around getting ready.

Coffee, tea, soda (even though it's not good for you) anything to wake you up and brighten your day. I always treat myself to a coffee or cup of tea to start my day off and it usually puts me in a good mood.

Smiling always brightens your mood even if you feel bad. You know whenever your best friend is upset you always try to make them smile and laugh, well make yourself smile and laugh!

Like I said above, laughing boosts your mood and brightens your day!

Sometimes I'm stressed and not having a good day because so much is going on. Just relaxing and slowing down mid day or at night can always boost your attitude because you aren't stressed.

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