Friday, June 17, 2016

Body Confidence

Expectations for women nowadays is insanely high. You need to be thin, but not too thin. You need perfectly long, silky, shiny hair. You need to have hips like the Kardashian's, but a waist like a ballerina, and boobs that hit the ceiling. All the while, you have to have absolutely flawless skin, dewy but not shiny, matte but not flat, and no pimple popping up anywhere. Don't even get me started on having the perfect sun kissed tan year round. 

It's nearly impossible to not feel horrible about yourself when you hear these exceptions, because most women (I think all) don't have the full package (and if you do, you are an angel sent from heaven, and should thank the lord daily for that full package, haha). Since being in high school, I have come aware of all the beauty expectations women now have. My friends are commenting on some features I have, or other girls in class have, that they want. I mean I can't say that I don't do this, I definitely do, but what us women need to do is realize that we are enough, and that we were made perfect by God. 

I have never felt insanely bogged down by expectations, and I think that's because, from a very young age, my parents have installed in my mind that I am perfect the way I am, and I was made and given a beautiful life. But I 100% have those days where I look in the mirror and don't like what I have. 
I wish my skin wasn't so fair, and sensitive, and acne prone. I wish I had a perfect nose, and bigger lips, and I can go on and on. It's impossible not to look in the mirror and compare yourself to other women and wish you had what they had. I can bet you though, those women look at you and wish they had what you have. I mean, I don't always love my insanely curly hair, but I am always getting compliments on the volume and coils my hair creates. It's a pain in the butt most mornings, but I am able to do so many different styles to it. One day curly, one day straight, one day wavy, etc. 

We need to start thinking more positively about ourselves. Turn what seems to be the negatives into positives, and realize we aren't alone in the struggle to love ourselves.  Now here's the tip portion of the post, I only have one, but it works: I look in the mirror on days when I feel horrible about myself, and I list 3 or more things that I love about myself. Whether I'm having a good hair day, my mascara turned out to be killer, or my outfit is on point. Remember this video? Maybe we should all take some advice from this little girl. 

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