Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cubs win! Cubs win!

If you're not a Cubs fan- no scratch that, a baseball fan, you probably don't get the title. Anyone remember Harry Caray and his "Cubs win! Cubs win!" chant? Well, I've been chanting that since 12:00 in the morning. My family and I headed to Cincinnati yesterday to see the Cubs play the Reds and man was it an experience. 

I'd like to say I've been a Cubs fan since birth, my mom has been a fan since she was 15 so I've always known to cheer for the cubs. Since last season, though, I have become a fan for a reason. 
It all started with my parents and I watching the Home Run Derby last July, and well I saw Kris Bryant and thought he was really attractive, haha. So yah know I started watching some more games, not knowing anything about the team and very little about baseball, and I slowly started to love the team and the sport. My family, for the past couple of months, have kept saying we wanted to go to a Cubs game up in Chicago, but we were out of luck on tickets to see them play at Wrigley. We were able to catch them in Cincinnati though! It was such an amazing game and I would never change the experience!

 It was nerve racking, tied 2-2 and lasted 15 innings. We got to see Javier Baez hit the game winning home run, and our defense was able to work some magic! We practically saw the whole lineup, considering Joe Maddon, the manager, switched people in and out constantly (two of our pitchers played left field.. I know!). I wouldn't change the experience for anything and it was the best first game ever! I have some pictures below, and spared y'all from seeing all 173.

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