Monday, June 27, 2016

Every Day Dress

Cue the long sigh. 
It's so hot here. Ugh! I forgot how hot summers can get. We didn't have a hot summer last year, it was very, very cool, but now it is killer! I do enjoy warm summers though. Last year never seemed like summer, and quiet frankly last summer wasn't the best. This summer is on a whole other subject. We're only a month in and it's been a blast, and really feels like it's summer, unlike last year. Because of the warm weather I have just been wanting to live in dresses, but I looked in my closet and realized I had none. Zip, zilch, nothing. Well, I take that back, I have dresses, but they're strictly for formal occasions. I have been on a mad search for dresses recently. Whenever I go shopping now, I scour the women's section for any dress I can find. Recently I was on Lilly Pulitzer's site (what a shock *eye roll*) and fell in love with this navy dress! Buuuuut, it's $88. 
I know. 
I fell in love with it when I tried it on in store, but couldn't get myself to buy it. I still look at it and love it, but ugh, just the price tag. I am praying it will be in the sale section at my Lilly boutique in my size for a more reasonable price.
 I went to Kohls the other day after my orthodontist appointment and found this navy dress for more than half the price. It's adorable on! I saw it on the hanger and liked it, but I tried it on and it was adorable! I still don't think it looks as good in the photo as it did on in the dressing room. It kind of reminded me of the Lilly Pulitzer dress and I thought I would buy it since well, it's so much cheaper. I really, really love it and almost bought the striped one, but the white areas were super, super sheer. I really recommend buying the navy! If the Lilly Pulitzer dress is on sale though, expect me to buy it!

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