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My Trip In One Post | Disney World 2016

Yaya! Another one of my favorite posts. This past week was a week of park hoping and a bunch of shopping. It has definitely hit high on the list of my favorite trips! 
We have gone to Disney World about every two years and every year is a different experience. Considering the amount you grow in a two year span it does make since to do a lot of different things. I wanted to share all I did during this vacation!

Day 1 & 2 : Travel and shopping.

We spent Saturday driving down to Florida and it didn't take very long. I'm used to our fifteen hour drives to our normal vacation spot down in Florida and this time around it seemed to take no time. When we got to Disney it was about mid day and very sunny. We stayed at one of the quiet pools in our resort and got settled into our room when it started to rain. We then got ready to go to dinner at one of the restaurants in the resort. The waitress was raving about the Strawberry lemonade so my mom and I got it, and oh my goodness it was so good! My brother and dad got the regular pomegranate, which I've had before, but I like the strawberry much better. We then took the Ferry to Disney Springs. I was so excited to be going to Disney Springs because of all the new shops! Lilly Pulitzer and Alex and Ani were high oh my list of course.
 We went roaming around the shopping center, and I didn't get anything that night because we wanted to see what they had for sale at some of the parks.

The views of the resort along the water was so pretty!

 I fell in love with this decor section at one of the stores. If my room was themed more blue instead of pink I would have 100% bought something.

One of the stores had an insane amount of magic bands, and I of course saw BB-8 and wanted to get it. I opted out thought because I already had my pink magic band.

We saw the art of Disney store on the directory and I really wanted to go. I just think it's so cool how they create full animated movies from such simple sketches. They also had paintings from artists that were being sold, but I don't have nearly that much money to buy one, haha. 

We then went into the Alex and Ani store which I was so insanely excited about! I love their bangles, but never bothered to order one. I fell in love with the Disney themed bangles! 

Day 3 : Rainy Day

Monday was a really rainy day with some sunny breakups. Instead of going to the parks, my family and I decided to stay at the resort. My mom, dad, and I went on a walk around the golf course, then went to the main pool to play shuffle board and tennis. That night we went to another resort to eat dinner. The resort is my absolute favorite and I hope the next time we come we can stay there. It's western themed and very Native American, desert like, and woodsy which is just my style. It is definitely a resort that would be amazing to stay at during the fall.

Dinner was amazing! I ended up getting the cheesecake and guys, it was the best cheesecake ever! It comes close to Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. 

Day 4 : Magic Kingdom

The next day we went to Magic Kingdom! When we first got there I went to go see Merida. My family is always joking that she was made after me since our hair is the exact same. It was quit the event, and a lot of the parents around us thought it was so funny that I looked so much like her. We went on a ton of rides and had a ton of fun! I definitely recommend going on 7 Dwarfs Mine ride, it is 100% worth the wait. The day was really hot, but nothing unbearable, and it wasn't nearly as crowded as usual. I was really nervous that it was going to be too crowded, but luckily my mom had planned park days on days when there weren't a lot of people going. I really recommend reading the blogs of people who "study" the parks because they know the most crowded days. You'll save yourself from fighting through crowds and waiting long lines.

^She was a little shocked on how my hair looks, haha. If only it was longer! And excuse my sweaty, red faced self!

That night before the fireworks we went to some of the shops on Main Street. I was able to find the Alex and Ani bracelets I wanted. I think getting Alex and Ani bracelets for big events like a vacation, or a graduation, or something along those lines is a good way to remember it. I wanted to get Cinderellas castle to specifically remember the trip, and Yoda because I love the quote and the movies.

Day 5 : Epcot

A lot of people seem to either choose Magic Kingdom or Epcot being their favorite park, but to me I like them both equally. Epcot is definitely more hands on learning than thrilling rides. I love the countries part of Epcot and my mom and I spent the most time there. We got my dad a fathers day gift in Africa and my Grandma a vase from China (we always get her a gift because she keeps our dog). 
Epcot also has a lot of "things" going on that aren't rides. There was one acapella group performing the day we went and they were amazing! We would've seen their show twice, but didn't get the chance to because we wanted to see some more shows.

For lunch my mom and I headed to France. We wanted to get a normal ham and cheese sandwich on a croissant and they had just that. I wish they added some more sauce and ham, but overall it was really good. They had cases of desserts or "pastries" all over the cafe area and it was the hardest thing to not say "I want them all!" I ended up getting a box of macaroons. 

It was hard to get a good picture of them because the cafe was so dimly lit. They were so good though! It was my first time trying macaroons and it definitely impressed me. The chocolate was my favorite, and it tasted just like hot cocoa. The others were really good too!

By the end of the day, my mom and I were still finishing up shopping and my dad came over to the countries side of Epcot because there was going to be a tribute to Boston on the sound stage. I will have to say, it was pretty awesome, and the band up there really got into character (they went all 80's hair band on us). I highly recommend making time to go to those kinds of shows in Epcot. There is amazing talent spread all through the park.


We watched the Illumination show like everyone else and it was pretty cool. I absolutely loved how the ball was lit up afterwards!

Day 6 : Relaxing Day

We spent our Thursday sleeping in and sitting out on the porch watching the golfers. My mom and I then ended up going to the pool to get some more sun, but we were run out by rain. We were planning on going back to Disney Springs to go to the Lilly Pulitzer store. I didn't end up getting anything there, I loved a lot of the new arrivals online, but they didn't wow me in person. The store was also fairly small and they didn't have all the things I wanted to try on. After Disney Springs though, my family and I headed to Boardwalk to eat dinner. We got there a little early so we went and toured around some of the hotels in that area. After dinner we went to one of the Board Walk shops to get ice cream and it was so good!

I fell in love with my dressing room! It's my dream to become a print designer!

Day 7 : Traveling home.

We got home Friday night and picked our dog up from my Grandmas house along the way. Thankfully we had another safe and fun trip and I can't wait to go back!

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