Thursday, June 2, 2016

My Warm Weather Must Haves

Well, I think summer has officially hit my town. Talk about 80's for the past couple of days! I'm surely not mad about it! I've finally pulled out all my summer clothes, and I've realized how many essentials I have. I wanted to share some of those with y'all!
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Sandals are an absolute essential for me during the summer. Like I wear my Jack Rogers 24/7. Whether it's with Nike shorts and a t shirt, or a dress, I always wear them.

I wear my jean shorts like I wear jeans. I wear them with everything and absolutely love them.

I love summer not only because of the warmth, but because of the bright colors! I usually buy a lot of bright shorts and pair them with a simple loose flowy tee. 

I wear flats constantly at school during the warmer months. They keep my feet fairly warm (because my school is always freezing during this time of year) but they give a stylish look to every outfit.

Something I have yet to purchase, but I've been realizing with a lot of my Lilly Pulitzer items, I've been wanting to wear them with white jeans. White jeans just brighten every outfit and make it look more springy/ summery.

Once I'm out of school I live in these! They're so comfy, and I will admit not the stylish, but guys, in the warmer months I would rather be comfy than hot and uncomfortable. 

I finally found a romper last season and can't wait to start wearing it this season! It's nice to be able to throw something like that on quick, maybe add a necklace or bracelet, and be out the door.

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