Friday, June 10, 2016

Preferable Pins

I am on Pinterest literally 24/7, but now that it's summer I'm on it even more (is that even possible?). I really love finding new pins and sharing what I find with people so I thought, why not make a whole post about some of my recent favorite Pinterest finds!
Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's caffeine. <---it's definitely caffeine for me, 100%:
Pic Via  One of my favorite quotes found on Pinterest!
One // Working Out

I have been pinning so much on my Get Fit board. My goal for this summer is to workout more and tone up my body. I have been pinning a lot of things on this board, things from workouts to clothes to what to eat after a workout and most of all workouts.

My Warm Weather board has definitely been utilized. I really need to update my closet because all my clothes are kind of old. I've been pinning outfits (favorites here, here, and here) I love so I can find some of those pieces while I shop.

Three // Star Wars

Um, yeah there is no denying I'm a fully converted Star Wars fan. Can we just talk about the Force Awakens! Oh my god I can't get over it and it's been a solid week from last watching it. I can't choose a favorite Star Wars pin because my When Alyson Fangirls board is all my favorite. As you're reading this now I'm in Disney World and totally going to picking up a BB-8 coffee mug!

I've also been pinning a lot of things on my Redesign Bedroom board. I am determined to finish my room this summer. Right now roman shades have been the rage on this board. My favorite shades are this, this, this and these two pom pom ones here, and here

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