Friday, June 24, 2016

Room Makeover | Part 3 | My Room Inspiration

All of these photos can be found on my Pinterest board.
Yaya, it's finally starting to happen!!! I finally have an idea of what I actually want to do with my room! My bedroom redesign board on Pinterest has been overflowing with ideas and color schemes, but now I think I have a plan. A color scheme, a theme for patterns, how I'm going to set up my pillows, how my roman shades will be designed, how my room will be set up, and what I need to buy to achieve the look I want.

  I've done minor things since painting my room that being buying a pillow, hanging up some paintings, and rearranging my pillows, but I couldn't get it how I wanted. I would look at it and like it for a week or two, but there was always something off. But I finally figured it out. All the styles I loved came together in different parts of my room and just clashed. Part of my room was country chic, part of it was craftsman, part of it was preppy/ traditional, and well part of it just had stuff thrown on top of it (*cough cough* my bookcase).  I mean all of those couldn't be more different.

So since I had figured it out, I dragged my mom into my room and she helped me to brainstorm ideas. We first started out with what I had to keep in my room. First, and most obvious, is my furniture. When I got out of my crib and into a big girl bed, my parents invested in really, really nice furniture, so that has to stay. My white bedding has to stay (which is a no brainier, I love my bedding). I could get rid of/ cover the pillows I didn't want anymore. But the thing that was causing me the most trouble. My Lilly Pulitzer pillow. I had just recently received it as a present, and don't get me wrong, I love that pillow, but I don't want all the colors in it. Some of you might be thinking "Okay just choose the colors you want to pull out of it", but that's not the only thing. It's a crazy pattern, and I love it, but it is impossible to pair anything with it. 
When I painted my room white, my idea was to bring in patterns and colors to make my room look, well, not so white. I just wanted a base, and then I would build from that. I ended up seeing that Lilly Pulitzer had pillows and I instantly bought one, but didn't think twice about how difficult it would be to mix it with patterns and colors I wanted to put in my room. 

But here comes the Lilly Pulitzer Gods answers- they put two different patterns on the pillow! I didn't even think about flipping the pillow over (y'all are probably thinking I'm so stupid for not thinking about that, haha)! But my biggest problem was that I had it in my mind that I couldn't change the look of the pillow. I had to keep it on the patterned side that I had fallen out of love with. My mom flipped the pillow over and it instantly hit me, do the pink and orange theme I had been dreaming of. So moral of that story... don't be afraid to get out of a design bubble. 
Flip some things around. 

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