Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekly Update | #10 2016 | (5/20- 5/22)

Hey friends! I cannot believe we are almost done with June! Where has summer gone! I'm excited for July because it's the peak of summer, but not so excited because AP scores are coming out. This summer has been awesome though, and more exciting things are to come next week! I also have a new feature to these posts, every once and I while I'll add what's on my radar for the week, which is mostly just links I've found that I wanted to share. Anyways, lets get on with this post!

Monday, my mom, brother, grandma, and I went out to eat lunch to catch up on stuff. Our recent Disney trip, the latest friend gossip... All that jazz. Afterwards my mom and I ran to some furniture stores in town to look at more accent chairs. I have not been able to find one for the life of me! The ones I like are so insanely expensive! Buuuut I have found one from Ikea that's linked below, that's somewhat cheap (cheap compared to the ones we've found). I want to see it in person, and well the closest Ikea is a state over, so it might be a while till I see it. 
My mom and I also went to my local Lilly Pulitzer boutique to pick up my agenda. I got the Jumbo agenda in Southern Charm and I'm in love! This is the first year that I was able to make an instant decision on the pattern and size I wanted and stick with it! When they released them for pre order and I saw this I knew I needed it because I love this print and had nothing in it. I'm so excited to use it in August! You might have also seen this picture if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

Tuesday might seem to some people like it was a very lazy day, but for my mom and I it was insanely productive. Since my dad and brother go to work for the majority of the day my mom and I just hang around the house and talk about all the interior design projects we want to do. The morning was pretty chill and we watched out daytime TV, but in the afternoon we got on top of all of our house projects. We've been wanting to spice up and deep clean all the rooms in our house and we're finally jumping on top of it. We went around and picked apart the rooms discussing what we thought we wanted to fix. We then hopped on top of figuring out things to do with my room. Mostly just trying to figure out how I want my roman shades to look and trying to find inexpensive chairs.

Wednesday was such an exciting day! It's one step closer to finishing my room!!! My mom and I went to almost all the fabric stores in town and I finally found the fabric I'm going to use for my roman shades! We also stopped into a little store by one of the fabric stores and I finally found orange pillows for my bed! Friends, it's coming together so well and I am thrilled to be able to show it to y'all soon!

On my radar:

This outfit , from Dorothy, is perfect for those hot summer days!

Katie just posted about 10 easy ways to be more put together and it's a must read for everyone!

I might just have to pick up this Ikea chair.

I have gotten back into wearing Bath and Body Works lotions and love this oldie!

I've made and Instagram and Twitter account and would love it if y'all followed along!

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