Friday, July 15, 2016

101 in 1001

I bet you have seen these all over the blogs you read. I have at least and I have loved the idea of them since I first saw them. I tried one at the very beginning of starting my blog, but decided to end it because I had forgotten about it and it wasn't full of things I really wanted to accomplish. After seeing Dorothy's, and Katie's I decided to jump back onto the trend and make my own. 

I loved the idea of this because you have a master list and a semi-vague idea of what you want to accomplish in the next 2 years, 8 months, and 28 days. Granted life changes and your lead down different paths, and some of the things listed wont get accomplished because it's too far fetched or you've changed and aren't passionate about it anymore. But it's good to have a list to push you forward and accomplish things with a specific end day so you can get things done. It's a way to get you started and ground you back to your real goals, the goals you've wanted to achieve, big or small, for a long time.

 It's insanely crazy to think about 2019! I had to think outside of my little high school box and really think about what I wanted to accomplish in adult hood and college. 

I am thrilled to be sharing mine with y'all! I hope to get it all done in the correct amount of time. If y'all decided to do it I'd love it if you left a link to it in the comments!

Start : July 13, 2016
End : April 10, 2019

1. Come up with 101 things. July 13, 2016

2. Complete all 101 things.

3. Go to bed before 11pm for a week.

4. Get a case for my laptop. 

5. Go see a movie in a theater.

6. Watch Breakfast At Tiffany's.

7. Go a week without hitting snooze.

8. Make macaroons.

9. Save my money/ don't shop for myself for a whole month.

10. Start bible journaling.

11. Unplug for 24 hours.

12. Completely finish decorating my room

13. Memorize a recipe

14. Bake 10 new recipes.

15. Grow my hair to the length I want.

16. Find new classic flats.

17. Attend 3 major and/ or minor league baseball games.

18. Visit 3 new states.

19. Learn how to write in cursive.

20. Purchase another artists art.

21. Watch family home videos.

22. Fix breakfast for dinner.

23. Go a day with no negative comments.

24. Place first in an art competition.

25. Organize my art supplies.

26. Finish organizing my desk area.

27. Get a job.

28. Take a bubble bath.

29. Recreate childhood pictures.

30. Buy a big monogram necklace.

31. Find new riding boots.

32. Take important numbers and addresses and put them in my agenda.

33. Learn how to paint a gourd.

34. Update my everyday makeup routine.

35. Donate to a charity I'm passionate about.

36. Learn how to change a tire.

37. Save half of my birthday/ Christmas money for college.

38. See the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

39. Learn how to wear heals.

40. Send more thank you notes.

41. Make my own salsa.

42. Sell a piece of art.

43. Visit an old teacher.

44. Learn how to draw better portraits.

45. Get comfortable painting with acrylic paints.

46. Learn how to plant and water flowers without killing them.

47. Deep clean my car.

48. Buy a new makeup mirror.

49. Build my base tan.

50. Finish painting my closet doors. 

51. Bake an apple pie.

52. Write my name in the sand and pose with it.

53. Brew ice tea.

54. Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same day.

55. Get a cute coffee table book.


56. Reach 100+ followers on Instagram (@alysoncruse)

57. Post on my Instagram (@alysoncruse) everyday for a month.

58. Post  blog posts a full week during the school year.

59. Post one new video every week for a month (YouTube: Alyson Cruse)

60. Collaborate with 5 other bloggers. (Anyone want to collab?)

61. Reach 100+ followers on twitter (@alysoncruse1)

62. Become more comfortable talking about my blog.

63. Post 35 outfit posts.

64. Join a group Pinterest board.

65. Make a blog design I absolutely love.

66. Learn HTML and CSS to design my blog easier.

67. Post OOTD pictures for a month on social media

68. Join a club and stick to going.

69. Boost my resume by joining clubs and volunteering.

70. Apply for scholarships.

71. Go a full semester with really good grades/ don't have missing assignments. 

72. Pass another AP test.

73. Start studying for my AP tests early on in the year.

74. Get a good score on the ACT.

75. Decide on a college.


77. Share a dorm tour on the blog.

78. Get A's in my AP classes.

79. Take a pottery class.

80. Visit 3 different colleges.

81. Redo my bathroom.

Health and Fitness
82. Go hiking.

83. Do some type of workout everyday for a month.

84. Get better at playing tennis

85. Drink my proper amount of water for two weeks straight.

86. Start liking healthy foods.

87. Workout for 21 days.

88. Create a relaxation routine and stick to doing it every night.

89. Don't eat desserts for a week.


91. Whiten my teeth.

Family and Friends
92. Still be close with friends from high school.

93. Go apple picking.

94. Plan to do 20 things with friends.

95. Give 20 truly thoughtful gifts.

96. Have brunch with friends.

97. Bring someone flowers.

98. Bake a birthday cake by myself for someone else.

99. Decorate for a holiday with the family.

100. Call my family frequently while in college.

101. Bake Thanksgiving desserts with the family.



  1. so cute! good luck scratching the things off your list!

  2. So many thing! So cute!

    1. Haha, it was so hard to think of 101 things. Thanks for commenting!
      XO Alyson


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