Friday, July 22, 2016

6 Ways to Wear a Baseball Cap VIDEO

Yayaya! Another video! I've been trying to make more and more of these and would really like if y'all left any requests for videos in the comments. 

Anyways, all summer long I have constantly been wearing baseball caps. I don't know what it's like around y'all, but here it is INSANELY hot. I have not been wanting to wear any makeup because all it does is melt off my face and I haven't been wanting to do my hair because, well, nothing can control the frizz in this heat. My go to has been a baseball cap. It covers part of your face so I'm not too insecure to go out without...

makeup, and I can cover up my hair. 

The last time I went to an MLB game I couldn't figure out how to wear my baseball cap so I fiddled around with some hairstyles and these are my favorite! None of these are subjected to only wearing at sports games, but these are also fitted to that too.

It is not a secret that I love the Cubs and I got the baseball cap in the video from here!


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