Monday, July 18, 2016

Currently... Part 2

I loved writing my first currently post and thought it would be fun to write another! It's a bit of an easier way to update y'all on what's going on without a weekly update post. I personally love writing and reading these and I hope y'all do too!

The Preppy Equestrian:
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Eating... pancakes. I have been making them every other morning and can't get over them! I also get slight glares when I make them only for myself instead of doubling the batch for my family, haha.  

Drinking... french vanilla coffee. My mom loves straight black coffee, and quiet frankly I have no idea how she does it. I just, ugh can't drink that. She bought some french vanilla coffee a while back and I have been drinking it so much!

Listening...  to Send My Love by Adele . I cannot stop listening to this! It's so catchy and so hard not to sing along to. Adele is just absolute singing goals. 

Wearing... nike shorts and random old tee shirts. I say every year that this is my summer  uniform and it couldn't be more true. I wear this to run errands (mostly to fabric and furniture stores) and to the dog park. So basically I wear this in any situation.

Reading... gahhh, I've been bad and haven't been reading! Unless you count the other blogs I have been reading. I did make a list of all the books I want to read for the summer.

Watching... lots of HGTV. I love that channel! Fixer Upper is one of my favorites.

Needing... blog post inspiration! I was on a kick for a good week, but now I'm in a complete writing slump. Any requests would be greatly appreciated. 

Enjoying... polished nails. I hardly ever paint my nails because they chip so easily, but now I have been loving the added color. The chips still annoy me, but I'm slowly trying to get over it.

Excited... hmmm, about AP scores coming out! I pushed through and got a 3!!! For anybody who didn't get their goal score, just keep your head high and try next year. If you put your hardest work into it just be proud that you pulled through and took the class, a lot of people chicken out.



  1. I love Adele too! Here are some blog ideas: Favorite Summer Outfits or Morning Routine.

    1. Good ideas! Thanks for commenting!
      XO Alyson


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