Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dresses for Wedding Guests

It's wedding season! Well, actually it's been wedding season for a while. I'm not planning on going to any weddings since my friends and I are way too young to get married, and all my family members of the age of getting married already are. I've been inspired to make a post about this though because I've seen so many things about weddings on Pinterest. 

I've been to a couple over the years and know that it can be hard to figure out what to wear. One thing I do know is NEVER wear all white to a wedding unless it's dress code! I recommend asking the bride or groom if they have a dress code, any preference on colors to wear and not to wear, or asking someone who you know is going to the wedding what they're wearing. What I've noticed at weddings I've been to is that everyone kind of wears similar colors, whether they're muted, bright, or very patterned, just unintentionally. It's best to ask the bride or groom for their preference so you don't come to the wedding totally out of place, but still wear something that expresses yourself. I have found some dresses that I think will be perfect for attending someones special day and I tried to cover all sorts of themes and dress codes!


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  1. so cute-love all the LJ ones as well!
    Happy almost Friday, Katelyn


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