Monday, July 4, 2016

June 2016 Recap

June was quite the month. I took a family vacation to Disney World, Lilly Pulitzer re-released You Gotta Regatta, and I finally got to go to a Cubs game! I look back on June and there were little to no negatives about the month. I haven't had a month like that in so long, a month were everything just played out perfectly. My summer has been great so far and I didn't want to leave June without sharing how it's been. I'm honestly writing this post, and all my other weekly update and trip posts, because I like looking back on them and reading all of those memories. As a way to have all those posts together for the month of June, I figured I'd make a recap post.

From the 4th to the 10th my family spent a week down in Disney World. I hadn't been back for about 2 years and it seemed like everything changed, but stayed the same. We enjoyed the majority of the trip at the resort we stayed at since it rained quite a bit. The days it didn't rain, we did enjoy going to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. 

The lines were a bit long in Magic Kingdom, but we really enjoyed chatting with other families and also riding all the rides!

My family and I split up to experience all the different parts of Epcot, and my mom and I stayed in the country portion of Epcot the majority of the day. We enjoyed listening to an amazing acapella group, eating and shopping in the countries, and watching a Boston tribute in the sound stage. 

June was also exciting because Lilly re-released You Gotta Regatta. I was able to grab the dress I wanted in just enough time. I might've had to wait two weeks, but I was so happy when my package finally arrived on my door step!

At the very end of June my family and I traveled over to Cincinnati to watch the Cubs and Reds game! Best thing that happened this month hands down! I have been waiting to go to a Cubs game for the past year and a half and it finally happened! We had amazing seats in the middle deck, right in between third and home plate, and we were able to see everything perfectly! We got the experience of a quite stressful game (tied 2-2 and went into 15 innings), but we were able to pull out with a grand slam by Javier Baez. I'm 100% sure we annoyed the Reds fans around us with our chants, but it goes down  in the archive as one of my favorite little trips!

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