Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Little White Dresses

Do you remember the LBD? The famous little black dress? It was all the rage a couple years ago, but now a new little dress has come out. The little white dress! I kind of never jumped on the LBD trend because black washes me out like no other, but I'm definitely going to be jumping on the little white dress trend! White also makes your tan pop, which is even better since we're in the summer and we all want to look like we're glowing! Below are some of the dresses I have found and fallen in love with.

Lilly Pulitzer always has great white dresses!

 Old Navy always has very affordable, and cute dresses!

I love Vineyard Vines dresses. This seems like the perfect dress for an outside barbecue!

 J. Crew Factory is always having good sales, so if anything seems a little expensive just wait for a good sale!


  1. I love that Lilly dress!!
    xo, Syd


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