Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

If you haven't noticed yet, Instagram has become my new obsession. I love posting my own pictures,  scrolling through my feed, and other peoples profiles. Bright colors and preppy vibes are my favorite to follow! Below are all my favorite Instagrammers.

Honestly who couldn't love her bubbly theme! Her photos are always fun and bright and boosts me into a good mood with all the color. 

I love all the floral in her posts! Just like Amy's Instagram, Ashley's is insanely bright and an instant mood booster.

If you aren't following her, are you even using Instagram right? Her outfits are to die for and her posts always make me want to dig through my closet to recreate her daily outfits.

Her New England style posts just scream preppy! I also love her doggy's Instagram! Her posts are super classic and clean and I just love them. 

If you love a pink and orange color combo (I DO) then you have to follow Caroline! She also posts a lot of fashion and lifestyle posts so you get an abundance of content. 

I love her outfits and beachy vibes. Very crisp and clean and blue. I just love her theme!

They're amazing to follow for fitness inspiration, they're true body and friendship goals! 

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