Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Go To Beauty Products

I have recently really fallen in love with beauty, well scratch that, I've fallen further in love with beauty. I have been putting on facial masks almost every night, been researching new skincare products, and wanting to try new makeup products. I do have some go to's that I wanted to share with y'all!

This covers my acne and hyperpigmentation so well! I don't use this under my eyes because it does crease like crazy. Then again I have very oily skin and anything creases on me. I wouldn't exactly recommend using this if you have dry skin because the few times I have dry patches this concealer does cling to them a lot.

This is one of the only moisturizers that doesn't break me out like crazy. It's super light and soaks into my skin really fast, while moisturizing it just enough. On days when I over did it with my masks and my skin is super dry this doesn't work well for that and I have to use one specifically for dry skin. On regular mornings and before I put on my makeup this works just right.

I love these so much! It moisturizes my lips instantly and never leaves a weird residue on them. My absolute favorite one is the Replenishing because it's slightly pigmented and leaves a nice red tint on my lips. 

Every mascara from this brand that I've tried has always impressed me. I wrote about one of my favorites a couple months back, but have found some other ones I really like. These mascaras always make my lashes so voluminous and gives me a little bit of extra length. 



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