Friday, July 8, 2016

My Updated Skincare Routine

I am so excited to share my updated skincare routine! My skin has been so clear, like I talked about in my Ultimate Guide to Great Skin, and that is mainly because of my skincare. I have 100% not always had great skin. Since middle school my skin has been very problematic, with a lot of acne. Until this year my skin has cleared up so, so much. Just a quick background, I got my first full acne breakout in sixth grade and my skin had been a major problem since I started high school. I had acne on my forehead at first and it has slowly traveled down my face to my cheeks and chin. Now I'm still dealing with spots on my cheeks and chin, but only a couple at a time, not covering my face with pimples. I have insanely oily and acne prone skin, have semi dry cheeks, and I deal with hyperpigmentation. It is also fairly sensitive to certain products. Below, I listed all the products currently in my beauty routine, and they have all really cleared up my skin!
*This is NOT a sponsored post. I am NOT being paid to talk about these products or have an affiliation with the brands!

This is how I remove my makeup. I use a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face. I used to use normal makeup remover wipes, but my face always burned after using them and I never felt like I removed all of my makeup. I heard about micellar water for a while now, and have realized how amazing it has been in my skincare routine! It removes all my makeup, even waterproof mascara, with only two cotton pads, one for my face, and one for my mascara. It's very gentle and makes my face feel completely clean. If you don't have insanely acne prone skin, and don't need a regular cleanser, this is a great alternative. 

This was in my last skincare routine and it is still one of my favorite things. I used to use it every other night, but recently I have been using a tiny bit every night and lightly scrubbing my face. It removes all the dead skin and I always get acne if I don't use this for a couple of days. A scrub is very necessary in a skin care routine because it removes all the dead skin, which makes your skin look glowy, and it helps your make to apply more smoothly and evenly.

This is 100% worth the investment! It has made an insane difference in the condition of my skin. I had major hyperpigmentation, and a lot of little whiteheads all over my face and since purchasing this a year ago my hyperpigmentation has gone down  so much and I don't have those pesky little white heads. I can tell when I skip using it, either in the morning or night, because my skin doesn't feel nearly as clean. Quick disclaimer, you will still need to use a scrub even if you're using this. This product just deeply cleanses your face, not get rid of the dead skin.

I have been using this for such a long time and it has worked for me this whole time. I am thinking about trying something new, just because, but from how it has made my skin for this half a year I don't think I should! It seems to help control my oil, but one thing I will say is that my skin feels a little dry after using it. 

These were prescribed to me by my dermatologist and have made a major impact on how my skin looks. I highly recommend talking to your doctor about using these two products! I had been using drugstore spot treatments for so long and they never worked as well as these two do!

I used to use the Clean and Clear Gel Moisturizer, but it never got my skin moisturized enough. I switched to this, and not only did it help my very minorly little dry spots, but it has also helped to regulate my insane amount of oil. Yes, even if you have oily skin you  need a moisturizer. Your skin produces the extra oil because it thinks it's dehydrated so adding a moisturizer can cut back on the oil. Make sure it is oil free, if not it can cause clogged pores and produce more acne.There are articles explaining the science behind it better than I ever could, so I recommend checking those out!

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