Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Morning Routine | 2016

I'm happy to say that this is a requested post! Thanks Kailey (check out her blog!) for requesting this! If y'all have any posts you want to see feel free to leave them in the comments, I'll 100% try to get to them. 

I thought it was such a fun idea to share a morning routine and an updated one as well! I tried to estimate the times and give y'all multiple scenarios of what really happens in the morning, just keep in mind I'm not insanely scheduled with my time I just go with the flow of the morning.

9:00 Wake up

One thing I love about summer is being able to get up later than I normally do AND my mom wakes me up instead of an alarm. My goal though is to get out of bed right after I tweet out my blog post and respond to any social media comments, which is usually 10 minutes after I wake up.

9:10 Start making my bed. 

I also love being able to make my bed in the morning and not have to rush around doing other things. I have been absolutely loving my bedding and I actually like making it every morning. It also helps to prevent me from getting back in because I don't want to mess up it's prettiness. 

9:20 Fix breakfast.
What I eat in the mornings depends on how awake I am. Usually if I eat cereal I'm not awake whatsoever. Cheerios and Raisin Bran Crunch are my favorite, and if there's any left over coffee I drink a cup of that. If I am more awake in the mornings though, I'll either make pancakes, or I'll have cereal and eggs, and I'll make more coffee. When I took these pictures it was one of those days, haha.

9:40 Brush teeth, wash face, get dresses, fix my hair, etc. 

Just like the normal human I go up and wash my face, brush my teeth, get out of my pajamas, and somewhat fix my hair. Depending on what the day holds depends on how long I take to get myself ready. Most days it takes 10-20 minuets, but when I actually need to look put together to say go to lunch with my Grandma, it can take 30 minuets to an hour. I also try my hardest to workout in the morning, but that usually doesn't happen. If it does I workout before I get myself ready.

I'll walk y'all through my normal routine though. I have posted my skincare routine multiple times (here's my updated one), I normally wear a t shirt and Nike shorts, and I normally throw my hair into a messy bun or a french braid. I absolutely adore getting ready in ten minuets and able to make more of my morning getting things done on my to do list than getting myself ready.

10:00 Start my to do list.
It's hard to plan my week in one day because we go with the flow on summer days so I like to plan day by day. Usually there isn't too much to do in a day, but I still try to write something down so I'm not wasting my day away laying around.

10:10 Go along with my day.
After my to do list I usually just start the activities planned for the day!

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