Friday, August 26, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Links

I really love sharing some links with y'all on the blog. I think if you find something golden you should always share it! This past week has been so hectic with school work and this weekend is going to be filled with making a ton of fun content for y'all! 

Pic Via.
Pic Via

1.) Carly's first job advice is so helpful. I have no plans to get a job right now, but will probably come back to these tips!

4.) Since I'm waking up earlier this 8 Things to do Before 8 am tips are so useful for being productive. 

5.) Y'all have probably seen Michael Phelps reaction to Chad le Clos, but I can't get over how funny it is! 

6.) Again with the Olympics, (hey, it only comes once every two years) this post about spending a day with an Olympic swimmer is so cool!

7.) And talking even more about the Olympics, don't forget to check out my Stages of Getting Over an Olympics Addiction is live and super entertaining!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Loved the post "8 Things to do before 8 am".
    ♡ Kristina


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