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Day Designer for Target Agenda VS. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

We all know Lilly Pulitzer is my ride or die agenda. I have had one for the past two years and purchased another one for the new school year. One thing I don't like about Lilly's new agenda is that there isn't two month by month sections. In the old agendas I used the month by month without any week by weeks in between to schedule blog posts and keep up with all the posts I've done. So since I didn't have anything to schedule my posts I bought this adorable one from Day Designer for Target and love it! I love the size and space and how you can change the agenda up to your needs.

I know some people don't know what to choose. Should you make the investment and buy a more expensive planner, or should you just get a $10 one from Target? Below I've listed the advantages and disadvantages of each planner since I am using them both and this will hopefully help you to make your decision...


Lilly Pulitzer : The covers on the Lilly Agendas are made out of a hard material that has never bent on me, but the corners can definitely get torn up after a while if you are being very careless. The letters written on the agenda will also somewhat rub off after a while if you pull it in and out of a bag and it rubs against other items. 

Day Designer : There is a clear plastic covering on top of a waxy, thicker paper print. The plastic cover helps protect the cover, but I can really imagine the cover getting completely torn up and messy after pulling it in and out of a backpack after a couple of month. The plastic covering seems somewhat durable, but not the print.

The Lilly Pulitzer cover will 100% last longer than the Day Designer, but it will still get worn.


Lilly Pulitzer : The paper quality is absolutely amazing! I have never ripped a page in the past two years. All the pages flow nicely along the spiral bound rings and never gets caught. 

Day Designer: You are definitely getting what you pay for in the quality of the paper. Just flipping through the agenda the pages don't slide nicely along the spiral bound rings and multiple pages have lightly torn against it. It's regular paper that can easily get torn, and it's really,  really hard to turn the pages.

If paper quality is a big deal, the Lilly Pulitzer agendas are the way to go. If you don't care about something ripping either or is a good option.


Lilly Pulitzer : The tabs are laminated, but do show wear after multiple months, which is a given. Of course if you're not pulling it in and out of a backpack and not getting it caught on things it wont be as worn, but flipping back and forth can cause them to get slightly bent. The only ones that are a big concern are the ones at the bottom if you're placing it vertically in a bag. I have never torn one and they still look somewhat nice after a year of use.

Day Designer : The tabs are super good quality for the price, but my only concern if that it could tear off from the paper because the paper is so fragile. The tabs are very well laminated and I imagine the tab itself wont tear, but it might tear off from the paper if you move the paper too fast. Just like the Lilly agenda I imagine placing it vertically in a bag can wear the bottom tabs, but that's as bad as it'd get.

The tabs themselves are created equal, but the way the tabs are connected to the paper isn't. Lilly's agenda tabs wont tear off of the paper, but it is a possibility that the Day Designers could.


Lilly Pulitzer : The paper seems just slightly waxy, but no pens smear (unless the pen is prone to smearing). Sometimes pencils smudge, but that's pretty natural for paper to do that. But everything writes very smoothly. If your pencil is way too sharp it can dig a small whole into the paper, but that's a given.

Day Designer : The paper is kind of thin so you have to be careful on what ink you put on the paper because it can bleed through. I haven't expedience any bad smudging with pens, and pencils write very well. Just like the Lilly agenda, if your pencil is too sharp it can rip a small hole in the paper.

The papers for both the Day Designer and Lilly Pulitzer are created very equal. Neither one is much better than the other. 


Lilly Pulitzer : Lilly Pulitzer is known for their flashy prints so the inside is going to be a bit flashy. With the new agenda designs though, the month by month has much more white space, but the week by week still has some fun little parts of the print on where you would write. I personally love the bright colors and patterns because it boosts my mood and I don't have to do much decorating to make it pretty.

Day Designer : TONS of white space. This agenda is great for decorating and making it your own and it's very crisp, clean, and simple. I do like the white space because it's not super busy, but I also like some bright colors.

Day designer wins on having plenty of white space. It has a crisp and clean design and easy to decorate. I personally love the bright colors, but it you want more white space and simplicity go with the Day Designer. 


Lilly Pulitzer : There are tons and tons of added features and I love them all! To start off you get a folder. Obviously the folder size depends on your agenda size, but I always have great use out of this. The next best things is all the stickers! It's a fun way to add a bit of flare to your agenda and the stickers are always super cute. They add multiple pages of their print designers art which is fun. You get plenty of lines to write specific dates to celebrate. They give you 6 front and back pages for a place to plan trips (one of my favorite features!). They have four pages for numbers and addresses, and 10 (TEN) note pages in the front. You technically get an agenda and organization help in one.

Day Designer : There is very little additional features and ways to organize inside the agenda. You don't get a folder, stickers, a place to put contacts and birthdays, a place to plan trips. When you open the agenda you have a place to put your information if the agenda is ever lost, it has a reference calendar, and a page for their story. They have two pages front and back on how to use the agenda and areas to fill random things in.  This does have three pages for notes, but they're in the very back.

Lilly Pulitzer completely wins on this. You pay for the agenda plus all the organization aspects. You're really getting a big bang for your buck and all of its organization is very reasonable with a fun flare in between. 


Lilly Pulitzer :  Lilly's agendas come in Jumbo, Large, Medium, Small, and then monthly. Most of the prints are made in all sizes, but sometimes some prints aren't made in certain sizes. These sizes are amazing for a variety of uses. The most popular is Large because it's big enough to write everything down, but it wont take up a ton of space. This year I decided on the jumbo because I have three AP classes and I know I'm going to need a ton of space to write down assignments and homework. If you're planning for multiple people and have a busy schedule I also recommend getting the jumbo. The large is great for little planning, but still enough to where you need space- lets say less rigorous classes and planning for only yourself.

Day Designer : The Day Designer has either a notebook size agenda or a small agenda. There isn't much in between, but they also have different styles of agendas- one is a faux leather bound, one if regular spiral bound- and it has a variety of patterns as well. 

The Lilly Pulitzer has a larger variety of sizes and all the prints for that years agendas come in all the sizes. The Day Designer only has two sizes-large and small- and not all patterns come in those sizes. I think the Lilly Agenda wins for sizes.



  1. You've really done your work, Alyson! I have a Lilly agenda, but I've been thinking of venturing out to something new. We'll have to see...haha! Thanks for this post, girlfriend!

    XO, Sarah | The Bella Insider | @sarah_thebella


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