Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My New Favorite Decor Piece

If I could have a royal blue and turquoise room I'd so go for it, but that color combo is a bit, well, blue for me. I'm a person who thrives off the space that they're placed in, and colors play a big part in that. I absolutely love my pink and orange themed room. I really think it reflects who I am, and whenever I walk in it really boosts my mood. I love the blue themed rooms though, but we all have heard that blue rooms can make you feel "blue". 

What makes me love blue themed rooms so much though are the ginger jars! I'm obsessed! In love! Just, ugh they're so pretty! No matter where you get them I think they add such an expensive, traditional, girly, somewhat Mediterranean vibe to any room. 

Guest Bedroom | Painted Furniture | Bamboo Dresser | Regency | Ginger Jar | Beach Print | Pink Dresser
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My favorites would have to be pairing them with some kind of hot pink. It just brightens us absolutely any room. Peonies are also so insanely gorgeous and girly to add.

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This is the Home Dreams Are Made Of: A Private Tour | Maria Killam | True Colour Expert | Decorator:
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Your bedside table has long been known as the catch-all space for late night snacks, boring alarm clocks, books, and magazines. But what if there was a way to reorganize this highly valuable bedroo...:
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What do y'all think about these beauties?



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