Monday, August 29, 2016

Splurge vs. Steal

Nothing beats a good deal, am I right? 
Both my mom and I pride ourselves in our abilities to get the best deals on anything and everything. Small little makeup stain on a white shirt? 10% off. Scuff on a shiny nude flat 15% off. 75% off sale? We're jumping on it. 

But buying the luxury piece won't always give you the best of deals even if there is something wrong with the piece. Take Chloe bags. The one listed below is $795 on Neiman Marcus, but 10% off will still make it over $700. That's when I turn to dupes. Places like Old Navy, Etsy, Charming Charlie, etc., always make amazing dupes for super high-end pieces and I have found some below to share with y'all!

I've been interested in Longchamp Le Pliage totes for quite some time, but can't get over the price of the larges, which seem the most versatile. Old Navy has made multiple dupes for this bag and this is one of the most recent. It's not the exact same look, but it still provides the same functionality. 


I loooove these necklaces, but I can't get over the price. Yes, it's a beautiful necklace and seems to be a real stone, but then again there are sooooo many dupes out there. This is one of my favorite dupes for the same color stone, but there are Druzy look-alikes and other dupes as well.


I featured these in my back to school outfits post because I absolutely fell in love with them, but hate the price! I instantly searched for a dupe and this is the closest I could find. I might just have to buy them because it's such a good price on such a close dupe!


These poofs are so useless, but I think they're so cute! I love the little addition they add to a set of keys or to a simple bag, but getting them for over $10 is definitely a no no for me. I know there are DIY's for this cute little accessory, but sometimes the DIY costs more than one you can get for $7, like at Pacsun.


Dainty necklaces are everywhere- like the Kendra Scott pendant- but bar necklaces are super cute as well! Some simple rose golds bar necklaces are great to pair with absolutely everything, but some others I love are the ones with coordinates on them, small monograms, and your full name. 
I think spending more than $10 on them is a little ridiculous, unless you want real gold or silver, but you can get them so cheap from a regular department store. 


Everyone loves the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, I sure as heck love those bags, but wow the price. I congratulate those women who save up for months and years to buy that bag because I totally don't have the patience to save.  I've heard about the St. Anne Tote for quite some time and heard that it's such a great bag. This one from Barringtons Fall 2015 line looks so much like the Neverfull GM!


Chloe bags are all the rage right now and I'm kind of dreaming about this saddle bag, but could never in a million years pay so much for it! There are so many bags on the market matching the shades, matching the sizes and flaps, matching the stitching, etc. There are so many dupes and I liked this one because it was so close to the shape of the Chloe and the tassels and metal give the impression of the Chloe.



  1. Love this post, amazing what you can find when you really look! Thank you for sharing xo

    1. You really can find so many dupes! Thanks for reading!

  2. Awe, on a blogging budget the cheaper is sometimes smarter, but I like to splurge now and then!


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