Monday, August 8, 2016

The Best Pens for Notes and Planning

Hey friends! I think we can all agree that the first few weeks of August are national new agenda weeks for bloggers. You've probably seen all the Instagram posts and tweets by now of people sharing their favorite agendas.  I totally understand the hype over new agendas, though. This time of year is an absolute blast for me. Being an organizing junkie a new agenda is always so much fun because well, it's a whole new planner! I absolutely love Lilly Pulitzer agendas as y'all know, but I don't think I've shared my absolute favorite pens!

*These pictures are taken in natural lighting with no edits so y'all can see what these pens truly look like*

I was recently asked on Instagram if I really enjoyed the pens featured in my post, I gave a quick reply back, but it sparked an idea in my mind to give a full review of the pens. I've used these pens for a year and a half, every single day, and they're just now running out. Since I just recently bought a new pack I thought I would give y'all the swatches of them all and a full review.  I also bought a different pack of pens from the same brand that are different colors that I want to share too!

The pens come in a plastic case which is really nice if you want to keep them stored together. It holds up pretty well, but I have never used it very much because I put all of my favorites in a Lilly Pulitzer pencil case.

The pens are .3 mm which is my favorite size. It's not too thick or too think. The pens are triangular instead of round which may seem odd to some people, it was for me at first, but you get used to it after using it for a little while.The pens come with a cap instead of being retractable which I like because with retractable pens I usually forget to push the pen back in and they always seem to break on me. The logo is very small on the side and not distracting at all.

These pens seem to be sold almost anywhere where there is an office supply/ art section. I have found that Amazon has the best deals on these pens. From what it seems these pens aren't sold separately anywhere so if one runs out, you either use another one from your pack or buy a whole new pack.

These do come in an assortment of colors. These triplus pens come in pastel, neon, regular bright colors, nature, and colors like black red and blue sold in their own packs. I have the Brilliant color set which I have bought twice, and the neon set. 

I love the Brilliant Color set. They have bright enough colors to make everything pop, but not to the point where it's a bright neon that is hard to look at. The pigmentation is very good. I have found that after a while of using them you can only write straight up instead of at an angle, but that's normally when they're about to dry out. This pack does bleed through thin paper, of course this it is a bit more like a marker than a ballpoint pen. You also can't go over it a ton of times or it will bleed through. These pens don't smudge either.

The Neon set ,which I also own, has all the same features as the Brilliant set only these are much, much more neon and come with a lot less colors. I tried these out in my blogging agenda thinking they wouldn't be too insanely bright and I was wrong. You want neon? These pens will give you neon! The colors weren't for me because they were a bit too hard to look at, but I'll continue using them in my blogging agenda anyways because they're such good quality pens

These pens only bleed through very thin paper (like the type of notebook paper I was using below) and if you run over the ink a lot of times like the picture in my agenda below. 

If bleeding through notebook paper is something you don't like, then I wouldn't recommend using any style of a marker like pen for taking any notes, I recommend ballpoint.

As you can tell, areas where I colored a lot instead of wrote bled through, but I also moved over those areas multiple times. 

If you are specifically taking notes and need to highlight with them they do do pretty well. Maybe let them dry for a couple of seconds before you run a highlighter over them.

If y'all have anymore questions feel free to leave them in the comments or you can email me your question!

This is NOT a sponsored post. I have NO association with this brand. If you buy from these link I get NO money. All opinions are my own.



  1. I was planning on going to Target today and buying those pens! And now I have to go get them, they make lists look so fun!

    Ashley //

    1. I love them! I recommend getting them on Amazon though, they're a couple dollars cheaper!

  2. I was definitely looking for good pens for my Lilly agenda. I'm going give these a try! Thanks for this post, perfect timing.


    1. Ahh so happy I could help! They're absolutely amazing for a Lilly agenda!

  3. The geeky stationary obsessed in me is so happy with this post! hahahha I'm defnitely buying those pens!


    Tamara -

    1. I so can't judge because I loved making this, haha!

  4. I LOVED using these pens in college! They're my fave!


  5. I'm a huge fan of LePen- I just got them for my Happy Planner and am obsessed! Maybe I will try these next!

    1. I thought of buying Le Pen this year, but I loved these so much I couldn't switch! You really should try them next!

  6. These are such pretty pens! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  7. I love fun pens-these are so bright!!



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