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Tips for Having an Amazing School Year

I've always loved learning and filling my brain with new information so school has never been much of a chore. I've always been a bit hard on myself school wise and I always, always try my hardest on everything. I will say though, I do have those weeks and/ or months where I really get drowned out in school and want to give up, and not want to do my class work. Mid semester can get pretty brutal sometimes, but I have some tips below that can really help you have an amazing school year. 

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Use a planner.

I can not recommend a planner enough. It keeps me sane during the school year. It doesn't have to be an insanely expensive planner, it can be a simple one from Target if you please. Just make sure you have a designated area to write any assignments and homework down so you don't loose it. To make your planner more fun you can also color coordinate. Whatever classes you have you can assign a color to each one and then write down the assignment without having to write down the class. It just makes the homework process a little more bearable because you have something pretty to look at. 

Ask many questions.

Teachers are there to help you learn and want you to succeed in their class. If you have questions don't be afraid to ask. I 100% understand that raising your hand and asking a question in front of the whole class can be terrifying. What you can do is write your question down on a piece of paper and ask the teacher one on one after class or go in before or after school with any possible questions for your teacher. They want to know that you're curious and they want to help you succeed. It also helps to get good recommendation letters because they realize you're engaged in their class, and want to learn.

It's also not just up to asking your teachers questions, feel free to ask your counselor any possible questions. Whether its about a college, scholarships, financial aid, or just needing to sit down and talk, your counselor is always there and open to answering anything you need help with. 

Have a friend in each class.

It doesn't have to be your bestie, but have at least one persons phone number in case you miss a day of school and need notes. Or if you need homework help you can text them. Your conversations don't even need to go farther than what is going on in class. Just having a friend in your classes will help pass the time by.

Write in depth notes.

My AP World teacher always asked me why I took such in depth notes, but they payed off come our weekly quizzes and the AP test. I like to have everything written down in my own words so I can have practically a textbook/ study guide that I fully understand to look back on. It's a way that helps me to learn best because I'm dissecting the textbook or lecture that my teacher is having into my own words so I can show to myself that I understand the concept. 

Keep up on your grades.

The system my school uses to help student track their grades is my absolute best friend during the school year. I check my grades about everyday to make sure teachers have put in the right grade (they have way too many students and will make mistakes while putting in grades, they're human too), to make sure I don't need to redo an assignment, and to make sure I don't need to go to may teacher to ask for help about any of our lessons. Your grades are your responsibility because you're the one doing the work. 

Don't over do yourself.

Yes, doing three different sports, being in four different clubs, being class President, and having four AP classes will boost your resume to get into college, but you will be the most stressed out person alive. Granted that's an exaggerated scenario, but really make sure you have time to complete your homework, spend time with friends, and be able to sit and relax and have time to yourself. Your resume will still look good with doing one sport, being in one club, and having like two AP classes. That still looks like you're involved enough in school to be a well rounded person.

Get into a beneficial routine. 

Waking up at a decent time in the morning to get to school on time without stress. Getting done with homework at a reasonable time to be able to sit and relax. Going to bed at a suitable time to get enough sleep so you're not exhausted the next day. Just making sure you're taking care of yourself will help you to stay focused on having a successful school year.

Don't procrastinate.

Once you get an assignment complete it. Even if it's due in a week do it as soon as you possibly can. I can't tell you how many times I just waited and waited until the last minute to do an assignment last year and I could've succeed just a little more than I had done. It also prevents an insane amount of unnecessary stress.

Keep everything organized.

I have seen it plenty of times. Kids have papers from the first day of school in the second semester. They place an English paper in their Math folder and then can never find that paper to be able to turn it in. Have a designated folder/ binder/ notebook for every class and put the proper papers in there. Every month clean out the papers that have been graded or that are just old. Keep things like notes and ungraded papers in there for future reference or when your teacher needs to turn things in. This helps to keep the important papers on you, but it also alleviates the amount of weight you're carrying. 



  1. I loved this post so many helpful tips! My favorite part of back to school is getting back to a routine; it really helps be more productive!

    Ashley //

  2. This post was great! These tips are wonderful:)

  3. you always write such detailed and thought out posts! What grade are you going into?
    Good luck with the new school year!-Katelyn


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